Insert Frankenstein-related pun here…

Since the last few weeks at work have been a particularly busy period, there haven’t been any new updates for awhile. Likewise, with the World Cup just beginning. I think my sleep is about to take a major battering for the next month. On top of it all, the weather has been raining quite a lot as we move into midwinter here, and I usually like to take photos outdoors, since I like to use natural light. So again, we have another blast from the not-so-recent past.



We really need a Scooby Doo and Shaggy to go with this...

This is an Aurora model kit of Frankenstein’s monster, owned by my good friend Carlo and his son Michael. They have a large collection of both original and customised kits, dating back from the 1960s which I have been either painting, repainting or touching up for them for the last decade or so. It’s roughly 1:7 scale, so not so far off the 1:6 scale figures I kitbash, and of course needing paint like the 32mm wargames figures.

From memory, I added some drybrush highlighting to the suit, a touch of shading and highlighting to the tombstone and other sandstone parts, and totally redid the boots, green on the base – Carlo asked for a lush grass green – and all of the skin areas – hands and face. Rather than just going for shades of green on the flesh, I shaded down using purples, to make him look unhealthy and zombie-like but not like a fresh zombie, and to absolutely avoid the cartoon green look that the Karloff version is often given in colorised images.

Here he comes!

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