Review: Saints Row 2 – Volition – 360/PS3

With the recent announcement of Saints Row: The Third in all good gaming media sites, I thought It might be time to pull out my old review of SR2, put together for another site awhile back, give it a bit of a simple once-over with sandpaper, and throw it up here. I’ll get some more images of figures and such up soon as well, so I’m not going to entirely neglect the modelling world for videogames…

Well, this should be a simple Review.
It’s more of the same as the original Saints Row, but a little better looking and a little crazier. New side missions with only 6 levels of each instead of 8 and the addition of motorcycles are nice. There doesn’t seem to be a talk radio station anymore unfortunately. Lots of fun though. Online players are still 90% gangsta-wannabe mouthbreathers.

I’d sum it up this way.

Since I answered yes to the first two questions, my answer is:

Verdict: Saints Row 2 – Buy It. You should buy this game.

(and yes, I know lots more Sandboxes and sequels to the above games are around now – I made the chart awhile ago, okay?)

Ah yes. Other stuff. You can make your character look like pretty much anyone, male of female, with a character editor that’s far more detailed than I’ll ever bother with. There’s also an online co-op mode. Lots of the achievements even require you to complete the missions and activities in co-op if you want all the achievements. I initially decided to not care, but later when my wife got an XBox 360 of her very own, we played through the campaign in co-op, and I also did some co-op missions with some online friends. I found the co-op campaign to be an enormous amount of fun, and it comes with my highest recommendation for This Sort Of Thing.

Also, while there are areas that are brown (the Trailer Park, abandoned Drive-In, etc) the game is not brown. Style points for driving recklessly appear to be lifted wholesale from the Burnout series. It’s basically GTA: SA, on steroids, without bicycles and the contant need to eat. Yes, like GTA before IV, with scads more fun and stuff to do.

Then there’s the DLC…

Ultor Exposed/Corporate Warfare.

As Saints Row 2 was pretty much my Game of the Year for 2008, I picked up the DLC packs for it quite enthusiastically on release.

Ultor Exposed is made up of 3 missions, and some other junk – some outfits, a few vehicles including the EDF Scout from Red Faction 2 and a cool Attack chopper vaguely based on a Blackhawk, some clothing, a bunch of Moustaches, and Tera Patrick as a new homie once you finish the mission arc. Tera Patrick is a pretty sub-par representation of Tera. As in, if you’re making an actor’s likeless a major selling point of a game, or DLC, or anything, try to do a good job, eh? Not that I was expecting her to be topless or anything, but the in-game-character model just doesn’t look much like pictures of Tera, and considering how well-detailed you can make a character using the in-game tools, it’s disappointing.

Tera Patrick, but not as she appears in the game.

The missions are a little longer than the norm, but the first two of them are a little bland. Third one is kinda cool though.
There’s a few new Multiplayer maps. – Meh. Also a “meta-game” in co-op mode, where one of you can get some extra cash for killing more enemies than the other guy, or doing more tricks, or blowing up more stuff. Meant to be a non-intrusive little add on of fun for co-op missions. This would have been good if it were included in the base game initially. As an add-on mode, it’s not bad or anything, but it’s really too little too late.

Corporate Warfare is pretty much the same. Some moustaches, a couple of missions, new clothes. Meh.

So, are either of these worth 800MS points/US$10 on PSN though?

It really repends. If you’ve just bought SR2 or are only a little way into it, then I do think they could be a potential reasonable buy. Especially if you managed to get a discount off the game’s RRP to offset the DLC’s price. The new vehicles and such add enough cool stuff so that if you were playing through the campaign, it’d be useful. If, like myself you’ve already finished SR2, except maybe for a little bit of co-op or some activities, or if you’re close to finished, it’s really not worth the cash for 3 missions a pop and a few vehicles. Maybe at half the price. I can’t understand why THQ never bothered to bring out a Gold/GOTY edition with the DLC on the disc. I would definitely recommend buying that, you know, if it existed.


Verdict: Ultor Exposed/Corporate Warfare – Don’t bother. (too expensive)

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