Shadows of Brimstone: Sand Crabs (Blasted Wastes Expansion)

Shadows of Brimstone: Sand Crabs (Blasted Wastes Expansion)

This trio of weird looking models are the “Sand Crabs” from Shadows of Brimstone – specifically from the Blasted Wastes Expansion set.

Shadows of Brimstone: Sand Crabs (Blasted Wastes Expansion)

I kept them to sandy colours – because Sand Crabs. Even though they look a little more like Lobsters or Crayfish or Prawns than Crabs, but I didn’t name the bloody things!

The Blasted Wastes expansion was something in the KS included in the Mine Cart pledge that Flying Frog decided to expand and turn into a fully fledged expansion. Backers like myself who wanted to upgrade to the full monty of a Deluxe Expansion (their bold) were able to just add some more money in order to do so. Turned out that instead of getting a coherent boxed Deluxe Expansion, it was just more seemingly random shit throws into the giant shipper box. They did this with a couple of the extra-extras and expansions that were essentially advertised as boxed items in the original KS. Really gives a feeling of Figure it out yourself, fuckers!

Shadows of Brimstone: Sand Crabs (Blasted Wastes Expansion)

Sand Crabs face off against some desert-dwelling Orks!

It looks like the other models in the same set are not-Tusken Raiders, but I’ll get to them when I get to them. In the meantime, there’s another three models finished! I figure that they can pretty easily be used as things in the 40k universe. Ambull Proxies, anyone?

18 thoughts on “Shadows of Brimstone: Sand Crabs (Blasted Wastes Expansion)

  1. Yea, those are some bizarro creatures. When I saw the pic from the back I was wondering why you weren’t calling them “Sand Lobstsers”?! Haha, guess they messed up on that one.

    Nice paints. The central eyes look great, and the shells/carapace are well done. They would be a great surprise for your Star Wars game as well.

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    • I have to say, that unpainted and on sprue they didn’t look like anything special at all, but now that they’re painted they are amongst my favourite of the SoB models that I’ve done. Being perfect RT/40k fodder probably helps a lot with that, too!

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  2. Whether or not they look like crabs, they do look pretty cool! They could work pretty well as Tyranid Raveners, too.

    A quick google search says that Sand Crabs are an actual thing, but they don’t look anything like either these, or regular crabs, and are actually in a different family from real crabs. I also find it amusing that there is actually a word, “carcinisation”, which means “evolving to more closely resemble a crab”, because the body form is apparently so effective that it’s evolved independently at least 5 separate times in different crustacean groups. These are the kinds of things that I learn when I’m up at 2 in the morning 😉

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    • I briefly considered painting them as Tyranids, but went with the “official” paint scheme in the end instead. They will however fit in with my “cockroach/desert” Tyranid force that I painted a few years ago. They’ll need rebasing to the crackle paints (because of my OCD) and I’ve been holding off in case ‘stealers get a base size bump. Might be time to bring them down and look at updating them after I clear a few squads off the desk. Which is sadly the exact same thoughts I was having about my old-school Cawdor yesterday. I really need to finish the stuff on the fucking desk!
      And thank you! – I didn’t know the term carinisation before, and I’ve just spent a few minutes reading about it. I also plan to return to the coconut crab for some colour inspiration images when I do one of my other Tyranid armies down the line! 🙂

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