Sedition Wars Terrain Set Turrets

Here’s the next few models from my Sedition Wars Terrain Sets. I’ve featured some of this stuff before in the past, specifically the Barricades and the Crates.

As I’ve mentioned before in those posts, the add-on terrain set was the best part of that particular ill-fated Kickstarter campaign. I’ve got most of them in a storage tub, waiting for when I either want to knock out some bits and pieces or could use some of them for a game.

These got painted for the latter reason – while playing Imperial Assault, we ran into some turrets during one of the missions. Rather than the counters, we used the turrets I painted recently for Shadows of Brimstone, but I felt that they were a little big. With his in mind, I picked out four of the less-wonky Sedition Wars turrets (the articulated arms were glued down in the factory by indifferent workers) and eventually got to work.

As you can see, they’re simple, but decent enough models (feels like I write something like that pretty often lately!) I’m sure they can be used pretty easily in whatever kinds of sci-fi or near-future games as needed, but more importantly, if we run into any more turrets in IA, I’m prepared (I bet we won’t, now…)

Here’s a rough depiction of what seems to happen when we open the average door in IA. RUN! (and yes, we’re the using WotC figures for a lot of stuff while I slowly paint the “official” models.)

16 thoughts on “Sedition Wars Terrain Set Turrets

  1. They do look pretty cool. I might pick up that Terrain pack for the bulkheads and various other things, but it’s a bit of a bummer that only two of the turrets come in the retail version of it.

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  2. Nice, those look great for Star Wars too! Though the Wookie isn’t completely in focus there, the light looks pretty nice on him. If I disregard the hands, really does look like he’s sprinting away from the stormtroopers, haha!

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    • Yeah (I hate to say it again!) but the PCs being out of focus is deliberate. Trying to get a sort-of-sense of movement while making the focus of the photo the little turret in the background (which is what was the literal focus point of the camera).
      I could probably recreate the photo with action figures in running poses, but it’d be too much work!

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