Shadows of Brimstone: Derelict Ship Auto Turrets

Shadows of Brimstone: Derelict Ship Auto Turrets

Here’s something assembled last month but painting completed this month. I know, I’m overdue on the Assembly April round-up – both my own and the community one. Unfortunately I have a slightly messed up knee and foot at the moment so my mobility isn’t great (went for an ultrasound this morning – followup next Monday) and so – yeah – some of these posts are going to be out of “proper” sequence while I get the photographs sorted out – including taking the bloody things, as I wanted to try something new for them. Oh, and I’ve …misplaced a sprue that I wanted to include in one of the posts.

In short: Sorry the Assembly April posts are late. Yes, they’re still coming. And in the meantime I’ll be posting whatever I can, so as not to have a month’s worth of backlog as stuff gets completed.

Once again, we’ve got some Shadows of Brimstone models, selected for the same simple-assembly, simple paint as the previous few. Once again I’m only figuring out how this stuff actually goes together with the other items from the giant box of seemingly-random shrink-wrapped plastic baggies as I type this and work out what the fricking things are called, and which expansion they’re from. So it turns out that these are from the Derelict Ship expansion.

I considered painting them in silver-greys because spaceship, but again – I like generic. Besides, they’re a pretty odd design. What looks like an energy cable, yet the weapon has what looks entirely like the gun barrel shrouds that you’d see on a machinegun. And some odd-looking power pack and vent-type stuff on the sides and rear. So I’m going to go with yet another miniature model weapon system designed by someone with no real understanding of firearms or weapons.

Shadows of Brimstone: Derelict Ship Auto Turrets

So I just went for a green that would work okay with the Sedition Wars Barricades and Crates I painted last year. Didn’t need to be a perfect match – the models will look fine for the boardgame, and outside of that, this stuff is just generic scenery for the most part. I did make a Derelict Spaceship allowance, though – I went with grey (dirty grey, because derelict) bases and avoided the sandy, weatherbeaten look that the other terrain pieces have. Since the things have power cables going into the floor, I felt they needed some sort of base rather than to go unbased.

I’ll have something else tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “Shadows of Brimstone: Derelict Ship Auto Turrets

  1. Turrets look good! Sensible sounding paint scheme as well! Hope you can chill a bit with so much going on! I feel I’ve helped a bit with Assembly April because the only thing I managed to make was a mess and that doesn’t need to be included! Take care!

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    • Heh, thanks! If I can figure out the photography thing today then I can get on with the rest (of the blogging stuff) pretty easily. So you mean you won’t be featuring the mess on your blog?

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  2. Take care of yourself – the lead and resin and blog will wait. As for these pieces, I like the look. Perhaps the power cable provides the ability to slew the turrets, or for providing the ammo, hell, they are yours and by Azazel’s decree they can be whatever you want! I use some similar weapons as active mine-like weapons, and its amazing how they draw fire and attention.

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    • Well, it gives me something to do that I enjoy. I finally found the things I needed yesterday afternoon, so I should be vaguely caught up in the next three or so days. :p
      Yeah, the guns will just be whatever they need to for whenever they’re used. I just like to bitch when I see things that clearly haven’t been thought through on current-modern miniatures.
      I’m more willing to forgive things like this when they’re from the early days of 40k – this was released in September 1987, so possibly designed in 1986 or even ’85. All WAY before internet (though as I recall, things called books were available back then for reference).


  3. Ooh, those look like they’d make good Tarantula substitutes.

    They could maybe be Melta-type weapons or something? An energy weapon that still wants a heat shroud on the barrel. IDK. Or maybe they’re just like the GW “Galvanic” (i.e. electrical) Servo-Haulers that clearly have internal combustion engines 😉

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  4. Sorry to hear about the knee/foot. I just read about Nurgle/Chaos Star Players in the new Spike! Journal. After that, any sort of personal ailments seem quite small in comparison, haha!

    Great looking turrets. I think you chose the right colors as well. The plain silver-grey probably does say “starship” better, but also “boring”. I like the military-green approach you chose. I doubt I would have picked up on the conduits and gun barrels, but maybe I would have been more questioning if I was actually painting the thing.

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    • Thanks, it’s still all a bit messed up. I’m waiting on Workcover to get back to me about the knee still (they ain’t fast) and visiting the doctor tomorrow for the foot again. It’s better (than it was) but not Better (as in painless and fully healed).
      I figure that the green works in sci-fi as turrets could conceivably be deployed as ground defence near landed ships, or in other similar locales. Just better to not think too much about the power cables in that case. or the shrouds in general.

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