Shadows of Brimstone: Harvesters from Beyond

Shadows of Brimstone: Harvesters from Beyond

Another trio of my last-minute, get-to-30-models-for-the-month frenzy at the end of April, the Harvesters (or Harvestors, during the Kickstarter!) ticked a few useful boxes. Simple figures. Simple colour scheme. Minor Assembly. Able to be speedpainted. A few decals, particularly from the AdMech sheets to make the suits a bit more detailed, and also give them a tenuous link to a 40k faction, in case I find something to double-duty them with. (Probably industrial servitor drones as scenery, at a guess).

For reals.

The glowing glass(?) domes as depicted on their artwork got the simple OSL treatment, though I went with a green rather than yellow. They all then got a coat of gloss which makes them look decent. Naturally, that doesn’t come across at all in photographs. Ah well.

Shadows of Brimstone: Harvesters from Beyond

Turns out that they are also their own self-contained expansion set for Shadows of Brimstone, so I guess that’s good as well. Shadows is one of those Board Games, much like many of Games Workshop’s ones where every piece is a multipart model that requires assembly. The upside of this is that when it’s done, it should look pretty good. The downside is that as a miniature painter, I won’t even consider playing it until all of at least a core box is assembled, and then painted. So it becomes a multi-year wait. (Hi, new versions of Warhammer Quest!)

19 thoughts on “Shadows of Brimstone: Harvesters from Beyond

  1. They are great mate! I’m with you on the whole ‘painting up the damn board game pieces’ conundrum… hence I still haven’t played Silver Tower with my kids yet :-/

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    • Yeah, I should really be painting Silver Tower to be honest – but I grabbed out a bunch of these SoB models and they’re pretty simple to assemble and paint, so I think I might just bulk up my monthly output for a little while using them.
      …and in the process, get the actual game somewhat close to be able to be played with.

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  2. “Look, Mr. Bubbles! It’s an angel!” — seriously, those guys just need their Little Sisters, and they are good to go 😉

    Very obvious Big Daddy inspiration aside, that’s more excellent painting from you, mate! Thumbs up! 🙂

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    • Damn! You know that obvious connection didn’t actually register until you mentioned it. I might have ripped off Bioshock a little if I’d realised. Not that I’m especially keen to go back and mess with these again, but I wonder if I have some decent sized drill bit bitz from some plastic kit or another…?

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  3. Curses! Having seen the brilliant job you’ve done with them I think I want some! No idea what for, but I’m sure I can justify it somehow! On the basis of that, please don’t paint any shiny beads and post them!

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  4. Very cool looking, and I imagine they could be used in a variety of games. I’m guessing they are big enough for ‘Big Guys’ on a Blood Bowl team too, but they look a little too modern.

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    • I think they’d be fine in Blood Bowl as Ogre proxies, particularly for Dwarves or Chaos Dwarves. Just add the appropriate runes. Or if your Human team is especially Leonardo-themed. They’re much more “Steampunk” than sci-fi, after all.

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