Shadows of Brimstone: Targa Plateau Dark Stone Pylons

Shadows of Brimstone Targa Plateau Dark Stone Pylons

Over the course of last month, I became more and more acutely aware that I hadn’t actually finished painting many models at all over April. Last weekend, while going to sleep, and inspired by the tentacles that I’d just finished the actual painting on, I had an idea. Find some low-detail, mediocre-quality models that I could smash out with very little effort. Like the Gangsters and Nazis I did in January, or the Tentacles. The only question was: What to choose? Saturday night, after watching the replay of Longest Royal Rumble, I had a look. I’ve got a plethora of boardgame models that would fit the bill perfectly, but getting them quick and cleaning up all the flash on boardgame PVC aren’t compatible ideas. Then it hit me: Shadows of Brimstone. Low-detail, simple models that I don’t and won’t ever especially care a lot about that are also in HIPs, which is one of my (and most gamers’) preferred materials to work with. So a trip to the War Room at 11pm at night and I found a few appropriate kits. Stayed up for an hour ot two assembling some of them, and spent a decent chunk of time on Sunday and after work Monday getting enough done to hit my minimum 1-per-day each month. Here’s the first pair of them.

As you can see, they’re simple models. Three-part assembly not including the bases. After spray black and drybrush a-go-go, I black washed them, based them and let dry. After that, I lined several areas with thin white, let dry, then made a paint wash with a lime-ish green to give them a bit of a glow effect. The idea is to make them (kinda) visually Necron-compatible, as well as to reference Warpstone. No idea what the rules are or how they’re used in SoB. Apparently they’re from the “Custodians of Targa” pack, but since almost items from the Kickstarter arrived as a giant pile of unlabelled shrink-wrapped baggies (like a Mantic Kickstarter) I’ll worry about their finer details later.

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