Sedition Wars Terrain Set Turrets

Here’s the next few models from my Sedition Wars Terrain Sets. I’ve featured some of this stuff before in the past, specifically the Barricades and the Crates.

As I’ve mentioned before in those posts, the add-on terrain set was the best part of that particular ill-fated Kickstarter campaign. I’ve got most of them in a storage tub, waiting for when I either want to knock out some bits and pieces or could use some of them for a game.

These got painted for the latter reason – while playing Imperial Assault, we ran into some turrets during one of the missions. Rather than the counters, we used the turrets I painted recently for Shadows of Brimstone, but I felt that they were a little big. With his in mind, I picked out four of the less-wonky Sedition Wars turrets (the articulated arms were glued down in the factory by indifferent workers) and eventually got to work.

As you can see, they’re simple, but decent enough models (feels like I write something like that pretty often lately!) I’m sure they can be used pretty easily in whatever kinds of sci-fi or near-future games as needed, but more importantly, if we run into any more turrets in IA, I’m prepared (I bet we won’t, now…)

Here’s a rough depiction of what seems to happen when we open the average door in IA. RUN! (and yes, we’re the using WotC figures for a lot of stuff while I slowly paint the “official” models.)

Sedition Wars Terrain Set Crates

Sedition Wars Terrain Set Crates

Recently I completed and showed off the barricades from the Sedition Wars Kickstarter’s Terrain Set. Today I have some more scatter terrain to share – specifically the crates.

Not my work. Clicky the pic to go to Agis' site for lots more Imperial Assault goodness.

Not my work, but the work that inspired these getting painted after all this time. Clicky the pic to go to Agis’ site for lots more Imperial Assault goodness.

Once again, I’ll show the pic and link to the post that inspired me to dig them out and get them done – from Agis Neugebauer’s blog. I liked the weathering that he put into the crates, and also liked the contrast created via the red straps. He did use transfers to define them with Imperial cogs, and once again I decided to skip any markings that would tie them to any one universe, so they can be used in anything from “movie-style” Bolt Action WWII (when we don’t go to great pains to ensure historical accuracy of the design of all the crates left around that are being used as cover, through moderns, Star Wars (we can see how well they work above), near-future, post-apocalyptic right through to the 41st Millennium, where mundane things still often look strangely familiar…

Sedition Wars Terrain Set Crates, Metal Cadian Imperial Guard, Minotaurs Space Marines

The proud warriors of the Minotaurs Chapter provide scale reference alongside members of the Terror Australis Regiment of the A̶s̶t̶r̶a̶ ̶M̶i̶l̶i̶t̶a̶r̶u̶m̶ Imperial Guard

As can be seen, I gave them a light weathering, though not to the level of detail or care that Agis did on his. As far as scatter terrain goes, they’re really just more of the same sort of stuff I usually churn out at the level I’m happy to go with, generally. Not superbly exciting by any means, but additional, solid looking stuff that looks better than simply a spray and wash, a bit of extra weathering, though not nearly to the effort put in by people like D&B in his diorama-level pieces. Oh, I also found and finished one more of those U.S. DUST Tactics Supply Drop Crates, so it gets a guest appearance in this photo.

And finally, some “in action” type shots alongside some of the other appropriate scatter terrain I’ve finished in roughly the last year. DUST Tactics Supply Drop Boxes, DUST Tactics Dragon’s Teeth and Confrontation Walls, and the very recent Sedition Wars Terrain Set Barricades. There’s not a lot of height variation, nor any foliage, but just these bits of scatter make a passable battle site for a small combat patrol sized skirmish.

Sedition Wars Terrain Set Crates, Sedition Wars Terrain Set Barricades, Confrontation Walls, DUST Dragon’s Teeth, DUST Supply Drop Boxes, Metal Cadian Imperial Guard, Minotaurs Space Marines, Urbanmatz Badlands Mat

Sedition Wars Terrain Set Crates, Sedition Wars Terrain Set Barricades, Confrontation Walls, DUST Dragon’s Teeth, DUST Supply Drop Boxes, Metal Cadian Imperial Guard, Minotaurs Space Marines, Urbanmatz Badlands Mat

Sedition Wars Terrain Set Crates, Sedition Wars Terrain Set Barricades, Confrontation Walls, DUST Dragon’s Teeth, DUST Supply Drop Boxes, Metal Cadian Imperial Guard, Minotaurs Space Marines, Urbanmatz Badlands Mat

Sedition Wars Terrain Set Barricades

Sedition Wars Terrain Set Barricades, Metal Cadian Shock Troops, Imperial Guard, Astra Militarum

Remember Sedition Wars and it’s incredibly-successful Kickstarter? Of course you don’t. That’s because you either never heard of it, or the complete abortion of a game and fulfilment means you’ve blocked it from your memory like a terrible life experience, which it very much was. I was one of the ones taken in by a love and respect of Mike McVey going back decades to my youth and being foolish enough to believe the h̶y̶p̶e̶ lies of the campaign put on by Studio McVey and CMON to the tune of quite a few hundred dollars for my multiple pledges. Anyway, this post isn’t to bitch about the pile of money I flushed down the toilet in a mess of warped boards, terrible unplaytested rules and nicely sculpted but terribly cast restic models.

It’s about the one bright spot of the entire project (aside from the textured bases, I guess). The Terrain Set. More specifically, for this post, the barricades. I’ve been buying a bit of stuff for FFG’s various Star Wars games in the past 6 months or so, and part of that has naturally involved looking at pictures of stuff.

Not my work. Clicky the pic to go to Agis' site for lots more Imperial Assault goodness.

Not my work, but the work that inspired these getting painted after all this time. Clicky the pic to go to Agis’ site for lots more Imperial Assault goodness.

While doing so, I came across some pics on Agis Neugebauer’s blog. Now, he’s a poster over on Dakka, and I’m somewhat familiar with his work posted there, but I hadn’t seen his Star Wars Imperial Assault stuff before. Lots of great stuff there, including an Oskara conversion that I will totally be ripping off, but Agis’ also has a bunch of the Sedition Wars stuff painted up, and looking pretty bloody sweet. This triggered the “Hey, I’ve got those somewhere!” reaction, and off I went to find the crates, and while doing so, also grabbed out the barricades.

Sedition Wars Terrain Set Barricades

The barricades got finished first. Sprayed a custom green based on Vallejo’s 890 Reflective Green, then oversprayed with Plastic Soldier Company’s German Field Grey (Don’t buy their spray cans – they leak!). I then added the Lambdas, taken from a Warlord Games decal sheet (I would have preferred some white outline tank numbers from the WLG German Turret sheet, but I didn’t have any, and Lambdas are totally a thing in modern military markings and so in my mind help these pieces fit anything from near-future to 40k. I then drybrushed the barricades with Army Painter’s Army Green, and then Vallejo Bonewhite on the extremes. Some foam-weathering with Vallejo Metal Black, Vallejo Plate Mail Metal coloured primer and Vallejo Scorched Brown. Followed up with a spray of Plastic Soldier Company’s Dirt Brown Weathering Spray (they leak, FFS!), wiped down with a damp cloth, and finally a quick go-over with some of the foam-weathering, and they were ready for a heavy spray of gloss polyurethane varnish for protection, and then the good old Testor’s Dullcote to make them look good.

Sedition Wars Terrain Set Barricades

I also wanted to avoid any overtly-distinguishing iconography that would tie them too closely to any particular universe. So this meant no Imperial Aquilas or Imperial Cogs, and the dirty weathered look fits pretty well with just about anything, except maybe an especially-shiny game of Infinity. I can’t see pre-fab barriers getting carefully cleaned before being loaded into a transport between deployments, after all.

Sedition Wars Terrain Set Barricades, Metal Cadian Shock Troops, Imperial Guard, Astra Militarum

I have 12 barricades in total and I think they came up very nicely, but I’m also quite aware that looking at the individual weathering patterns on each of them isn’t exactly enthralling blog content, so here are some more posed shots with a few of my Imperial Guardsmen from the Terror Australis Regiment providing scale. Also, a sneak preview of my next mat review…

Sedition Wars Terrain Set Barricades, Metal Cadian Shock Troops, Imperial Guard, Astra Militarum

Sedition Wars Terrain Set Barricades, Metal Cadian Shock Troops, Imperial Guard, Astra Militarum

Kickstarter Experiences Part 4

First up I guess is the Trollforged Assimilation Alien Host, by Ed Fortae. Basically, Ed is the guy behind Trollforged the company and Trollcast, which is being touted by many as a new all-singing, all-dancing material for miniatures. I went in for $200 which gives me a shitload of gribblies, which will hopefully arrive sometime this year.  The estimated Date is May, so Ed has another 5 months to deliver. There’s apparently going to be a campaign manager at some stage, as well as a while complex system of trades and exchanges. Some guys on Dakka worked out a way to turn it into a feasable counts-as Tyranis army, so I’ll probably do something along those lines. But try and do so in a way that still gets me at least one of each of the cool insectoid figures. I can see use for these in 40k roleplay as well. Not much has been updated since the end of the campaign, but my understanding is that Ed keeps regular updates on his Facebook or his blog or some shit like that. I’d prefer real updates via Kickstarter’s email system, but this one is so far out right now that I’m not too concerned.

Then there’s the Almost-Rans. Campaigns I wanted to back but didn’t for one reason or another.

Relic Knights, by CMON and Soda Pop Miniatures. I was originally in for an early bird pledge, but a combination of poor communication from the creators, especially over the GenCon weekend, not showing the sculpts and a large financial drain (I bought a house and had some massive bills) nixed this one. They also went a bit too far down the “add $10 for THIS” road for my liking. I really like the look of two of the factions (Black Diamond and Noh), not too interested in the rest. – But it was just too expensive. In the end I wasn’t able to up my $1 pledge as I decided to prioritise other things in their stead. I was interested in getting the SDE stuff, but it wasn’t laid out clearly how to get just those, so I left it. Maybe I’ll pick up some of their figures from Miniature Market in the future.

Kingdom Death: Monster by Adam Poots. Apparently Kingdom Death miniatures are the most popular thing in the history of the universe. I was originally in for this, but the combination of being very expensive, the game itself being a bit MMO-lite and unappealing to me, the figures being out of scale to the rest of my collection, and being very expensive eventually got me to drop it. There are some fantastic looking models, but I simply couldn’t justify the amount it would have cost me to buy the stuff I was interested in and then wait a year for it to arrive, especially as it got more and more all about the $15 or $40 add-ons. I put the money towards a new fridge instead.

AE-WWII by Blackball Games. I was interested in this one purely for some of the models, to use with Sot3R/Dust/Incursion. I wasn’t interested in paying for yet another Weird-WW2 ruleset. I wanted to get a couple of their figure sets in a deal without the rulebook (PDF it, if you must, but I don’t want the hardcover). I pledged a buck so I could politely suggest it in the comments. Almost all of the models in this KS are ones already in their range, so it should have been easy enough. They ignored the suggestion/decided not to do it, so I left my pledge at a buck. They made $10,663 of their $10,000 goal – so perhaps they should have taken more suggestions on board? /shrug

Imbrian Arts by Jody Siegel. This one, like Kingdom Death features some beautiful sculpts, many of which are very evocative of the Rackham style. Basically, I just found this one a bit expensive for what it is/was. Unless you wanted an entire themed set, the individual figures were $12 a pop (ie – may as well buy them at retail for less, or an equally-nicely sculpted Avatars of War figure). The themed sets offered better value, but only if you wanted all of those figures anyway. A friend suggested that the $300 pledge level offered insane value. Sure, but only if you actually want and would buy every one of those figures anyway.. or most of them, at least. I’d have happily gone in for a “choose 10 figures” type thing, similar to what Bombshell Babes also did (and they started off as quite expensive for the base level as well). But they didn’t, so I left it at a buck.  I figure that if I’m giving you money 3 or 6 months in advance, I’d like a reasonable price break, rather than pay pretty much the same price I could buy them from at retail down the road. meh.

He made a killing on it, so good luck to him!



I’m a little more generous when it comes to no new updates in general at this time of year – for the campaigns that bothered to keep us up to date, anyway.


Kings of War: Nothing new shown or heard. I assume they’re still on track for their delivery since Ronnie is a machine when it comes to this sort of thing by all accounts.


Sedition Wars: Apparently my first shipment has been sent. It’s in transit. Comparisons showed that it was sent out a full week later than some other people who are also in Australia. I wonder if my critical posting here and/or on Dakka had anything to do with that? 😉 (nah, I don’t think they give two shits, TBH.)


Avatars of War: Got an update (!) a couple of weeks ago. Felix has finished a couple of dwarf units and a couple of characters. This week he showed off a bunch of concepts for nice, moustachioed human warriors. Hopefully he finishes the dwarfs before getting distracted by the new shiny and sculpting the humans instead. I’m sure the standard will be the last one to be sculpted..


Reaper: No new news. Last I heard, everything was running to the modified plan of everything being sent at once in March or May or whatever the fuck it is.


Stonehaven: I lost the little box of dwarves on my desk and only found it again today. I still need to look at them properly. They just started a new Kickstarter for gnomes which I’ll discuss in a forthcoming post.


Pirate Goblins: Well… no word from Bruno since the last email, nor updates or anything. Last update was around the 15th of December with Bruno saying that they’d be sent out between the 17th-20th of December. After that, nothing. He was pretty active on Facebook though, until/including New Years’ Eve Until people started grousing in the comments a couple of days ago, including posting links to his facebook account and the Indiegogo fraudulent campaigns page. Then this appeared.


Just a quick update to let everybody know what’s happening.
I’m just back from the hospital where I did spent the most of the 3 last weeks with no internet access.
I’m discovering all the fuss about the goblins and I feel very sorry for everybody.
Just to let you know the sending of the miniatures was given to a Help Center for mentally inadequate center the week before Christmas as I was taking some holidays with my kids and wanted to be sure that the miniatures would have been sent, I will check with them on monday what happens and why they didn’t seem to have sent the miniatures.
I’m really sorry for all this and will try to do my best to reply to everyone and be sure that every body will get what he paid for !
Please accept my sincere apology for all this…


UH-HUH. This all seems above board, right? Right? “I’ll send them out next week”.. then silence… then “I gave them to people with intellectual disabilities to send out right before Christmas.” A bit of an easy scapegoat for his own lack of responsibility, if you ask me.

I posted the following:

azazelx said 28 minutes ago
I work with people with intellectual disabilities, and to be frank, I certainly wouldn’t be giving a help centre something as extraordinarily complicated as a IGG/KS fulfillment to do.

141 Backers, many variances in their orders, international addresses, the need to PAY for the actual postage. That’s no simple task for individuals with an ID.

No, this is clearly BS.

Then Bruno sent me a message shortly afterwards:


“Hi, You really do think that I’m sitting on 13kg of goblins miniatures and 1300 dice just for the fun ? I didn’t post anything on facebook since the 30th of december as I was in hospital with no Internet Access for [redacted], I might have been seen connected as the computer at home was still turned on as it always is. I will go tomorrow to take back the miniatures and will send them by myself. I’m really sorry for all this.”


Bruno is now claiming that he’s going to start to send them out himself. We’ll see what happens. There certainly appears to have been more than a little bullshit involved. Ah, my first true Kickstarter Drama. I imagine that if I do get my miniatures in the end I won’t be getting that extra goblin I was wanting, after all.. :p

He’s certainly managed to kill off his chances of getting the Pirate Dwarves funded with his actions regarding the Pirate Goblins. (Which were barely funded.)


Red Box Games: Tre’ has been pretty good with regular updates, but he’s also spent the last couple of months saying that everything would be done “in a few days” or “next week” to a point where it’s become meaningless (remember, it was originally an October 2012 delivery date, and we’re about to hit February 2013).. He’s also been starting his second Kickstarter “tomorrow” for the last three weeks, and it finally went up yesterday. A few days ago we finally got a proper breakdown of the status of everything. With this, it pretty much confirms that there’s fuck-all chance of my KS1 stuff arriving before his KS2 finishes.

In fairness, here’s his post:

Hey Everybody. I am really sorry for the long delay in my latest update and for the continued delay in fullfillment. I wanted to post a generla update lettign everyone knwo what teh exact current status is on the KS fulfillment.

I have in hand and approved castings of: (lots of stuff cut for brevity)

 I now await the delivery of:

 Guarthagust, Ulbrecht, Yrsa, Fenris ( needed an adjustment for the sake of efficient casting ), Conradt Warp, Horsemen, Horses

 I must approve the castings of Yrsa and Conradt Warp and the horse. The production moulds are made and Ed is confident with them but I need to actually see the results of these production moulds before approving Ed and Brian to go ahead with casting 100’s of copies.

  Every delay in the fulfillment thus far has been strictly for the sake of your final satisfaction. I did not want to settle for anything less than the most perfect model I could deliver so when we had castings with visible shrinkage I asked that those molds be remade. That took a while and then casting the 100’s of required minis took even longer.

 The horses have been a real trick unto themselves. Neither Ed nor I have ever made horse models and this turned out to be a bit more difficult than either of us expected. I am especially particular about the Yrsa figure as it is by far the most complicated and delicate figure I have ever released and it is the replacement figure for the most popular figure I have ever produced. It MUST be perfect.

   In the end I was too optimistic in my expectations of delivery, AND I was remiss in never pushing the expected delivery date backward as the work load expected by that date grew exponentially. It is a mistake I will not repeat. I am ready and waiting for the delivery of these last items to begin shipping the rest of the KS rewards but until those figures are in hand and approved I can do little more than wait. 

  I do expect to have the last of the expected casting within the next week or two. Ed has informed me that the test samples of Yrsa, COnradt, and Horse #1 were shipped to me on friday last which means I SHOULD receive them for approval tomorrow. At which time I will inspect the castings and call Ed with the yay or nay. Upon my approval Ed will finish the last three horse molds and Brian ( if he is back in from being Ill…. get well Brian! 😀 ) will begin casting the rest of the Yrsa, and Conradt Models. 

  There are still 100’s of copies of each mini left to be cast BUT I will be taking shipments of these figures in batches as they are cast to allow to me to begin filling orders as quickly as possible.

  I had intended to have ALL commitments from this first campaign fulfilled before running a second campaign but the realities of development did not allow for this. The difference in this second campaign is that all planned models are already sculpted and mastered ( with the exception of the Goblin footmen ) so the actual production overhead is cut in half. Ed already has the masters and they are ready for the production of production molds. All that is needed is for me to be able to finance the slot in Ed’s work schedule to have those molds made and have castings run. 

  The expected delivery date for the second kickstarter products is set for August of 2013. This is the nearest  date that Ed and I both fell confident in to deliver all planned products, however I will be creating a module in my regular webstore in which you will be able to pay for ” batch shipment ” of any figures involved in this campaign. Figures will be produced in the order in which they are funded and will be available for shipment in specifically timed batches. When ever a batch is ready to ship I will post an update letting all of the backers know. At which point they will be able to ” purchase ” the shipping cost for that batch and have it shipped to them then rather than having to wait until the final pieces are produced and in hand.

   Again, My deepest apology for the delays thus far and my most sincere appreciation for your patience with me in this.



So while I still trust and like Tre’, I won’t be going in for the second Kickstarter. He’s made a bunch of mistakes and some poor choices along the way, but I trust him to eventually come through. I doubt I’ll go in for the second KS, but that’s because I need to see Trollcast in my hands before dropping more money on it. Like every other material out there, it’s got a bunch of people who swear by it, but until I see it for myself I ain’t spending another $100-150 on it for figures I don’t have any use for just to support a guy’s small business. Very different rationale to not trusting him to come through, though. Instead I’ll be using that money on stuff from other small outfits like Puppestwar, Victoria Miniatures and so on..

In the comments of the new Red Box Games Kickstarter, there’s some slightly disturbing portents regarding the new prices. Remember, Trollcast is supposed to be making miniatures cheaper to produce.

RiTides about 22 hours ago

I’m a little bit bummed that bonebacks are about $3 apiece, even at Kickstarter price, which is more than I paid for the metals! But I think I’ll be over the sticker shock soon.


Bonebacks were some of the few figures I was potentially tempted to pick up if I did go in for this one, as I’m not otherwise fond of the RBG goblins aesthetic. I think I’ll probably have to leave it out. Apparently Tre is going to start sending out the stuff that’s been sitting around. It’ll cost him a fair bit in postage, but I think he sees how important it will be to fulfill KA1 before KS2 finishes. For my part, he’ll have to send out about 3 late figures at a cost of about $4 including the baggie. On one hand, I can see how it adds up, OTOH, it’s only a tiny fraction of the $150+ I sent him with the initial promise of October fulfilment. Since we’re almost 4 months late now, I don’t actually feel bad about this..


Studio Miniatures Zombies: Well, they didn’t go into the post the next day just before Christmas as Stuart suggested. Someone got in contact with me 3 weeks ago (early in the new year) to confirm my address, but then no-one replied to the email I sent then asking for confirmation or the one I sent almost 2 weeks ago…  (Stuff from the UK is usually 5-10 days). I finally had a parcel arrive on the 25th of Jan with my missing stuff – it was sent on the 8th of Jan. A week after I got back to them, and 3 weeks after they initially said they’d resend them by…

All in all, I wasn’t impressed by their fulfilment. Would I go in on another campaign my Studio Miniatures? Maybe. But only for a small amount.


Dreamforge Games Leviathans:  Had mostly gone quiet after the holidays, with the shipment due to hit the US shortly. The latest is that the cargo container hit LA and the figures are on their way to Utah and WGF to be sent out around the world.


Mantic’s Dreadball: Again nothing new shown or heard. I again assume they’re still on track for their delivery of the second wave.


Bombshell Babes: Had another nice update showing progress a couple of days ago, including a couple of very nicely painted models. Apparently all here is on-track.


Mongoose’s Judge Dredd: Got some more stuff 2 weeks ago – Two lots of Rifle Judge+Giant/Fergee/Space+Citi-Def. Got another small package this last week as well, with one of the Justice Dept II sets and a few others. (No sign of the same for my wife’s pledge.) According to Matt from Mongoose, the figures that were already sculpted and in their existing JD line that were repackaged for the KS are now also in transit. Not sure where that leaves the Specialist Judges set.

Kickstarter Experiences. Part 3

OK. Part three.

Since the last update, I moved house, finished up all the craziness at work at the end of the year (at the same time) and have been unpacking while Christmas and the New Year all happened.

Dreamforge Games, AKA Mark Mondragon‘s project to create some Leviathan Crusader giant mecha to go with his game world that also features Eisenkarn (aka WW2-inspired Space Germans) and some other forthcoming stuff. The mechs of course come in two scales – 15mm, so you can use them in your Flames of War games (?) – or they just happen to work as excellent Dreadknights. Similarly, the 28mm ones would just happen to work as Imperial Knights, though a lot of people plan to use them as Proxy Warhound Titans. As the Kickstarter continued to do gangbusters business, the scope expanded into variant mecha, infantry (light, heavy and female) and Hanomag/251-inspired APCs. I also went in for some of the heavy infantry and the girls, as they were the best bang/buck as I didn’t have much money left after going in for 4 of the big mechs and 4 of the smaller ones, plus extra weapons….

The first wave of these kits (including the aforementioned Leviathan Crusaders) were of course due to be in backers’ hands during October, and, well, you should be used to this by now.

The latest update forecasts it being in Wargames Factory’s (Mark’s production partner) at the end of January, so if I’m lucky, I might see my toys at the end of February! Only 4 months overdue! Yay!

The difference between this campaign and some others in that regard is that Mark has kept his backers updated regularly with information and pictures – rather than disappearing into the ether for a month or more at a time.

So, am I happy? Well, Not as such. But I’m not bent out of shape either. Honestly, when the campaign finished in Mid-September, I knew there was no way they were going to arrive in October (WTF was Mark thinking there?) but I did hope they might arrive for Christmas.

Dreadball, by Mantic Games. I have to admit that I was quite pissed off when this one was first announced. I felt that Mantic should have finished delivering on their Kings of War Kickstarter before starting a second one and going back to the till. I was also a harsh critic of the start of their Kickstarter, with essentially “suuuuure they weren’t going to make the ref plastic” and the like, as it was all-but-guaranteed with a “goal” of $20k, and while I do still retain many of those beliefs about the early stretches, and still hold that things like making the Hex bases a paid-for add-on, and the short-numbered teams of 8 players (to sell more add-ons) I do have to also give Mantic a lot of credit for actually setting a date and then going balls-out to make that date.

Apparently they got fucked over by the same Chinese printer that screwed McVey’s Sedition Wars project (took the money and did a runner), so the story goes that they sourced another printer, and got the stuff on a boat in time to meet their deadlines anyway. On top of that, apparently the games were supposed to come pre-boxed (which was why they changed their “all rulebooks will be signed” offer to a shitty signed pamphlet). Then when the stuff arrived from China, the boxes weren’t assembled or packed, so they closed down the Mantic Warehouse for a week and had all their staff making Dreadball boxes. While I felt that they should have gone back to the signed rulebooks (because that’s just a lot cooler than a pamphlet that half of us are guaranteed to lose), it’s a minor niggle.

In the end, they got out the first wave of stuff out to backers in time for Christmas. On top of that, they delayed the shipment by a few days and also managed to include the first wave of MVPs in the shipment, and also got out the January wave of Dreadball boxed games. They also sent orders out in a way to help guarantee that everyone in the world would get their by Christmas, so stuff to Australia et al went out first, and UK stuff (with fast local delivery) went out last. That’s the way to show all your customers that they’re valued – Kinda like a fuck you to CMON.

Oh, they also sent stuff into the UK retail supply chain as soon as they got them, with the result that some UK retailers and shops running demos had their toys a few days before backers in the UK, sans all of the extras, of course. This of course sent bits of the internet into apoplectic fits. But really, the campaign said December. You got your shit in December. Man the fuck up and shut the fuck up.

Through all of this, they also managed to continue giving updates for both DB and KoW, including some much nicer sculpts than you’d expect from Mantic’s earlier stuff…

(ignore the “donate” part of the banner!)

Bombshell Babes, by Bombshell Miniatures, aka Patrick Keith. Another campaign I wasn’t impressed with at first, since the basic level to buy in came to $15 for one figure, which is frankly ridiculous, even with shipping included. Once you got up to $150 or so, the value scaled up reasonably, and the ability to choose exactly which figures you want was also a bonus, rather than being stuck with the figures in a pre-defined set.

This one’s due …this month actually. It appears that it’s on schedule, and Patrick has been keeping his backers up to date with regular updates and greens and so forth. This being Kickstarter, the figures will probably begin to be mailed out on Jan 26th, and overseas backers will be sent last. 😉

Taking that and International shipping times into consideration, I’ll expect to see these sometime in Feb, hopefully.

Mongoose Publishing’s Judge Dredd Kickstarter. I’ve been a fan of Dredd for a hell of a long time, and so I went in on this one despite not really wanting to do anymore Kickstarters in 2012. This one leveraged a lot of their existing model boxed sets as rewards in order to get money to put together a bunch of new sculpts. Mark from Mongoose listened to feedback, and allowed people to pick and choose which of the 10 boxed sets we got, rather than one of each of the existing ones. With that in mind, I got a whole bunch of Judges and only a few perps. All of the existing boxes have already arrived, and so I’m waiting on the repack boxes (other pre-existing Justice Dept single models repackaged into boxed sets) and of course the new sculpts.

This one was due in November, though that doesn’t count the stretch goals or the repack boxes. I actually received all of the stuff that was promised in November in 3 separate boxes from Mongoose on the 1st, 7th and 15th of December. Which is not too shabby, especially considering that Mongoose’s production facility is in the US – so things got messed up a little by Superstorm Sandy in getting product over to the UK in a timely manner.

There has been a reasonable number of updates showing off new sculpts and such, so as long as they keep up on this, and keep the figures coming (repacks soon, I hope!) then I’ll continue to be happy.

Now, Updates:

Kings of War: More sculpts shown up to Christmas, as noted in my half-update. Their new stuff is using a lot of Remy, who used to sculpt for Rackham. I’m one of the many people who are surprised at the sudden turn to high quality sculpts that Mantic have taken. This is only a good thing.

Sedition Wars: A snarky “non-update update” just after Christmas shows that CMON still lead the stakes in customer service. I’m glad I skipped their Guilds of Cadwallon Mini-Kickstarter. Some new sculpts shown by McVey that look pretty shit-hot. Still probably going to come in Feb. Hopefully.

Avatars of War: Felix has put out one or two of the units. Characters (including the standard bearer) are set to be done last. People are starting to hope out loud that he can manage to concentrate on the Dwarfs long enough to get them all out and not get distracted by new shiny to sculpt. I’ll no doubt buy some when they hit in-stock retail – for the same price as his KS offered…

Reaper: They’ve been quiet for a little while, though they showed a great big fuck-off dragon a few weeks ago. The proportions of it looked a bit wonky, but when they ship that stuff it’s going to have to come in a fucking big box. In fact, due to Australia Post’s regulations, it’s probably going to have to come in 2-3 boxes. So they should just ship me my paints now! 😉

Stonehaven: The little white box of figures arrived a week or so ago, right when I was in the midst of moving. I still haven’t had a chance to look at them. October date, figures arrived in December. From a little startup outfit just getting into the game, who also bothered to keep up updated, I’m alright with that!

Pirate Goblins: Well, I finally got in contact with Bruno, who has said that he’ll fix me up with that extra Goblin I was after. Due October, it’s now January. Last update was around the 15th of December with Bruno saying that they’d be sent out between the 17th-20th of December. I guess I should expect to see them in a week or two?

Red Box Games: Apparently there were issues with the casting screwing up some of the figures, so stuff was sent back and forth between Tre and the casters – Trollforged. Some people have their stuff, there are potential issues with the round shields. Not sure what Tre’ has back or how much more he’s waiting for, but I’m pretty sure my stuff hasn’t been sent out yet, so again, I’ll hope to get this October KS in hand by Feb. At least the delays forced Tre to give up on his cockamamie plan to start another KS in Mid-November…

Studio Miniatures Zombies: Well, they did arrive. Unfortunately in what I presume was a rush, Stuart completely missed our chain of back and forth emails stating which survivors I was after and “no problem” on getting German Zombies as well and additional payment doubling my pledge order. He was apologetic when I emailed him with my “um, I think you sent me someone else’s order, because this one is really wrong” and has promised to send the stuff out to make it right. Since all this happened just before Christmas, I’ll expect it in a couple of weeks.

Next time: Trollforged Assimilation Alien Host and some commentary on Kickstarters I was initially in for, but backed off to $1 pledges. Probably not worth writing for a couple of weeks so we can see how some more of these pan out…

Half a Kickstarter Update…

So the third part of my Kickstarter commentaries/bitching/ranting has been somewhat late. Work commitments have been fairly hefty in the last few weeks with the lead-up to Christmas, and I’ve also moved house, while also moving to another area at work. So moving boxes is my life at the moment, while writing in-depth posts is not.

So, half an update, and hopefully something better in a few days when I have my PC set up and don’t have to use a laptop…

Mantic/Kings of War have shown a bunch of newish sculpts – alternately for this game and for Dreadball. (aka Breadbowl).

McVey/CMON’s Sedition Wars looks more and more like a February arrival.

Nothing new from Avatars of War (or maybe there is – but they don’t bother to inform their backers, so…)

Reaper showed a WIP of a huge Dracoliche (undead dragon) that looks somewhat out of proportion. US and Canadian backers have started getting toys. ROWers can still STFU and wait for the combined shipment.

Stonehaven’s Dwarves arrived a few days ago. I have the little box on my desk. Haven’t had a chance to look at them yet.

Tre’ Manor’s Red Box Games continue to have production problems with Trollcast. Looks like they’ll be shipping in January now. Mid-Jan? Depends how long the Trollforge guys and Tre’ take off for Christmas and New Year’s…

Studio Miniatures‘ Zombies. Well, apparently they were to have the last ones sent out by 10th December, before Stuart’s wedding. I got an email yesterday saying the last ones have been shipped. I understand they arrived at my mailing address today, so I haven’t had a chance to look at them and make sure it’s all there and proper with the right mix of civvies and Nazis.

Relic Knights by Soda Pop and CMON have shown a mix of nice and rubbish sculpts/renders. Still deciding what to do with the Pledge Manager there. Get the SDE stuff? Maybe?

Mantic’s Dreadball and Mongoose’s Judge Dredd have both had a fair whack of stuff show up – actually on time! More detail next time!

Kickstarter Experiences. Part 1

So, yeah. I’ve not been especially thrilled with the way that most of the over-a-dozen Kickstarters I’ve backed so far have gone so far. I haven’t said much about them on this blog to date, because, frankly, I don’t really want to be an advertisement, nor have I been actually updating the blog much as of late.

So, Kickstarters. I’ll share my experiences to date as well as opinions. I have to play nice on forums, but here I can freely speak my mind. Which actually doesn’t mean being a complete arsehole.

My first one (missed out on Zombiecide by *that* much) was Kings of War, by Mantic Games. Since I felt that many of their fantasy sculpts of the time frankly sucked or were rather uninspiring, my wife and I went in for mostly new sculpts, based on a lot of faith/hope and a lot of BOGOF value. We did each get our rulebooks and dice, as well as a Mantic/Battlefoam bag, which is quite decent, but everything else from them is due in 2013. A couple sculpts previewed look less than impressive (Female Vamp) while most others look quite nice. No problems so far. Regular updates and regular pictures of WIP greens, so no problems with Post-KS communication. Would probably KS with them again. (In fact, I did!)

Second/At the same time was Sedition Wars, by McVey Studios. (Mike and Ali McVey). Again, lots of value on offer, and McVey’s reputation was quite good. The Chinese printer running off with the funds isn’t Mike’s fault, but I’ve been solidly unimpressed with the lack of updates over such a long time until recently. I know Mike and Aly were moving, etc.. but you know what? My telephone has internet access and a post takes 5 minutes of your time. So I’m not as easily mollified as many others on the internet. If SW hadn’t chalked up close to a million bucks, I might be able to swallow the reasons on lack of comms more easily. But for fuck’s sake. Mike, people gave you a million dollars. Amazon and CMON taking a chunk notwithstanding. They gave it to you. There’s simply no fucking good excuse for the length of time that your communication went dark. Even if CMON are being dicks with the updates, you have your own forum! (And yes, I realise that Mike will never actually read this.) :p

I’m also not terribly impressed now that I’m hearing rumblings that the second wave will probably be delayed because he wants the sculptors to work on the expansion as well at the same time, and so has to “juggle” between new things for the expansion and shit people paid for in full months ago. Another slightly-nicer-phrased version case of “We already got your money, so STFU and you’ll get your stuff when we send it.” Let’s also be realistic. The March stuff is going to slip. Mike is laying down the “it might slip” line now, months before, so that by the time March comes, everyone is used to the idea that it’ll come in May or whenever.

So anyway. the Nov stuff is clearly not going to be here until Jan-Feb, and while disappointing, I can understand it. The March stuff shipping to April, May, June. Not quite so OK with that if it happens. (Especially since the KS finished on July 1st) Would maybe back another McVey Kickstarter if it offered insane value again, but CMON and their lack of updates don’t impress me at all. Doesn’t look like it’ll be an issue since the SW expansion appears to be going direct to retail.


Third was Avatars of War‘s Indiegogo. Since Felix thought offering any kind of decent value compared to retail on what is essentially an interest-free loan/investment, and also has a frankly horrible track record on delivering on pre-orders, I had to sit out on most of this, despite him being an incredibly talented sculptor. Went in for a Limited edition standard bearer, since it was such a small investment ($15) that I can’t see myself getting too bent out of shape if he takes a year to deliver on it. Which he probably will. Mostly a shame, since I’d have loved to drop a ton of money on it. it just lacked the value for the investment, and the ability to trust Felix to deliver. I’ll probably buy a bunch of these figures once they hit retail. And I don’t even play Dwarves. Rarely bothers to update to his backers using IGG. Instead you have to go looking on Facebook, or the AoW forums, or the Spanish-Language AoW forums. Fuck that noise.

If/when Felix offers another IGG, I’d probably just go in for the equivalent of the standard bearer unless they lifted their game and attitude dramatically. And that ain’t gonna happen.

Forth, the big one. Reaper‘s Bones Kickstarter. Well, being located overseas has now meant that they’re decided that they’re not going to ship the segments of my order as they’re ready (Sophies, Paint, Models) but are going to ship all my shit all together at once. Except, well, it won’t all fit in one box, anyway. So no Sophies shipped when they said they would initially (which is annoying) or paint which is somewhat understandable given the dropper bottle situation, except non-US paint orders have been tossed to the back of the queue regardless. While it’d have been quite nice to get my Sophie sets now (especially since my US-based friends are talking about having gotten theirs) I’m not as pissed off as I thought I might be. (Doesn’t the initial September delivery date look quaint now?) I’m also getting a metric fuckton of stuff from them, and I trust them, so I’m ok with them saving a bit on the shipping and sending it all at once. Hopefully it does turn up in March though. Or April.After that, I’ll start getting a bit annoyed. Funny thing – on reflection, I might have been massively fucked off with Reaper, but since they’ve been posting regular updates, I’m pretty much fine with them and the delays.

Still, Reaper have always had great CS for issues my figures have had, on a par with Games Workshop’s deservedly-vaunted CS, and more importantly, they’re giving us regular updates with sculpts and so forth. Would back again if things keep going the way they have. I doubt we’ll see anything as crazy as their KS again, though.

So, out of the first four crowdfunding projects I backed, three initially projected to have stuff in hand to me by now and only one has actually shipped me some stuff and is on track to meet their stated timeline. Two have slipped, with one threatening to slip on the second wave as well. And who the fuck knows what’s happening with AoW? For about $2k spent on this page, I have 10 dice, 2 rulebooks, and a Miniatures bag to show for my Kickstarting.

I’m happy with Mantic, in two minds on McVey, unhappy with CMON, ok with Reaper and, well. I have no expectations for AoW, so it’s hard to be dissapoint!


Dwarven Adventurers, Pirate Goblins, Red Box Games, Studio Miniatures Zombies and Relic Knights!