All Hail King Leonard!

OK, 2 years on, I guess it’s time to put some cat photos up. This is the internet after all. For the moment, I’ll only put photos of our new Kitten/Cat, Leonard up, since our previous cat passed away over Christmas after 18 1/2 years, and so it’s a bit hard to deal with still. So yes, Leonard is a rebound cat, but he’s a lovely little thing, when he’s not being terribly naughty and climbing things that he shouldn’t. He’s only getting on 5 months old, I guess.

Early Days

Psycho Kitty!

This was actually a yawn that I happened to get lucky enough to take a pic of, since I was trying to take a photo anyway. He’s not really that much of a psycho. Sometimes.

He likes Halo: Reach. Not that good at Deathmatch though. Yet.

Contortionist Cat. This had been my salad bowl.

OK. You just relax anywhere you like...

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