Review: Resistance: Fall of Man – Insomniac – PS3

Resistance, for those who aren’t familiar with the franchise, is a First Person Shooter set in an alternative post-WW2 1951. I’m not sure if WW2 was supposed to have actually happened. I think it did, since the Aliens of the day, called “Chimera” landed on Earth from behind the Iron Curtain. And of course, you don’t get one of those without Stalin and the Western Allies’ little post-Berlin tiff. You play Nathan Hale, an unsmiling, all-business US soldier (naturally) who gets infected but not turned into a monster by the Chimera virus (aka macguffin so you can regenerate health). As a US soldier (fuck yeah!), you naturally will be single-handedly be liberating occupied Britain, with occasional help from Cannon Fodder, and a couple of Brit minor characters who turn up now and then. But you know, it’s a FPS. So for one of these, the plot is actually okay.

I played on Easy, since it’s a FPS on console and I usually only play these on PC, where KB+M gives you actual accuracy and dexterity without the need for aim assist and so forth. You can reconfigure most of the buttons, which is very much appreciated, compared to many console FPS that only let you choose from a few predetermined control sets. Particularly since the PS3 seems to have it’s own default set of controls while the 360 has a very different one. I also made it through without any trouble – I actually found it pretty easy. Having said this, I wouldn’t play it on anything harder, since I’m a spaz when it comes to console FPS controls. Didn’t play any Multiplayer, though there are some free MP maps available from the PS Store, which is nice at least.

The Charismatic Nathan Hale

Visually, the game is decent. It’s first-gen PS3 so if you take that into consideration there are no issues. There’s a decent amount of detail, though it doesn’t obviously compare well to your modern PC shooters there. Pretty much the entire game though is based on a brownish shade of grey. I guess it’s to give the game a sense of the 1940’s-50’s to our modern eyes, since most of us only ever see those years in B&W documentaries on the Hitler History Channel.

The weapons are all either sci-fi or far closer to modern weapons than their WW2 counterparts, and you can carry all of them at once. I think the sequel goes for more of a CoD-style “carry 2 guns” but this one is older-school “have all the weapons”. There’s shit-tons of spare ammo laying around as well as health top-ups – again, probably because I was playing on Easy.

The gameplay… well, it’s very samey. All the way through. It’s a shooter but it feels very samey rather than like there’s a lot of variety. I say this even considering the tank levels, (where you drive something like a Games Workshop Baneblade), and the spider-walker levels, and the levels where you drive the British Commando around in a jeep. It lacks the cinematics and WOW factor of something like the recent CoD games, and also the sheer fun of something like Bad Company 1 or 2’s SP campaigns. It is pretty long, though. With 30 levels that aren’t individually too long, it’s easy enough to play through 2-4 of them in a sitting, or you can marathon through 10 at once, though it really wears on you to play that many at once. I’d call it “workmanlike”. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with it, it’s just not that special.

It’s a Brown FPS. Unique, eh?

Lots of crap (intel) to collect, and the game encourages you to play it through multiple times by giving you a shitoad more guns after you’ve played through, as well as the ability to replay any level (to collect the intel) and unlockables – which you unlock by achieving achievements and getting more intel. Since this game predates Trophies, the achievements just unlock concept art and so forth, but since Trophies are even more pointless than Achievements and Gamerscore, YMMV on whether this is any value to you.

I can’t say I enjoyed the entire game, and the last 5 levels felt like they were *cough* heavily inspired *cough* by Half Life 2 and bits of it’s episodes, but it’s a decent game. I reckon it’d be a good game for younger teenagers who don’t have all that much money, since it’s quite cheap to pick up, and is long and has solid replayability and a fair bit of online stuff.

Really though, I bought it because I picked up Resistance 2 cheap, gave it the 5-minute impression test and was impressed enough to go back and pick this up on the supercheap since it got really high reviews. I guess those were from when it first came out, but I still expected a little more from the game, but it’s still solidly decent. I reckon I’d actually have liked it more if it had fewer levels to slog through.


Rent it, 
Or consider a purchase if you feel like a cheap shooter with a lot of levels and content.

7 thoughts on “Review: Resistance: Fall of Man – Insomniac – PS3

    • Yeah, it’s pretty generic. I should play through the other two sometime, but I just haven’t been bothered to turn on my consoles in awhile. I’ve mostly been playing through Far Cry 3 on my PC (I should update that sidebar!)


  1. I wish I would’ve played it on easy. I played it on normal and in parts, it felt more like a hard campaign.

    I agree with you in regards to it feeling samey and I was also given that impresion from the tank levels.


    • Aside from my lack of twin-stick dexterity compared to KB+M, I mostly see console shooters as something disposable to blast through and probably not come back to, so I don’t mind them not being as challenging. For me at least, FPS challenge comes from games like Multiplayer BFBC2, BF3 etc.


      • I hear you. Although I’m not too big into the multiplayer scene, I do enjoy first-person shooters a good deal. I’m that weirdo who gets Call of Duty and only plays the campaign. Their brief narratives usually satisfy my wants by game’s end.


      • That’s how I am with 90% of FPS games myself. I played around a little with Black Ops 1’s multiplayer, and I’m a long-time devotee of the Battlefield franchise since the demo of 1942 (it helped that there were several of us in a group of RL friends who played together), but I find most FPS MP to be very samey and tacked on. Sometimes I’ll load it up to check it out, sometimes I don’t even bother (as mentioned in my Homefront review). I played 32 minutes of Far Cry 3’s MP last night. I might end up playing another hour or so of it, but it’s just more forgettable TDM in the end…

        For what it’s worth, I recommend giving Far Cry 3 a look. I should write up something for it, actually…


      • I got it when it came out and really enjoyed it. Due to time constraints though, I fell out of it and never completed it. Most definitely something I’d like to return to.


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