Kickstarter: Mars Attacks – Mantic Games

I’m not going to start to make a habit of pimping Kickstarters or anything like that, but I thought this one in particular might be worth sharing, since there’s only a day or two to go, and Mantic appear to have really pulled out all the stops for this one – right down to not using restic, renders of the models, and throwing an enormous amount of free stuff at it. I was originally in it just for the scenery, since I’m not a particular fan of the IP, but I’m now considering staying in for the scenery and getting a large set of the game’s stuff as well, since it’s written by Jake Thornton and looks like it would be quite a bit of fun.

Basically, it’s a boardgame, which is pretty much cross-compatible with DeadZone (Mantic’s Sci-Fi boardgame that’s about to come out in December) – so similar in style to Dust Tactics with miniatures and ground tiles, but they’re also doing things like a DeadZone team (Sci-Fi Bloodbowl to use a simple analogy, but actually much closer to the classic Amiga game Speedball.) They’re also going to put out rules to use the models in Warpath, which is their sci-fi miniatures skirmish game.

One of the main reasons I’m pimping it here is that they ran into a bit of trouble, with a lot of backers dropping out – so yesterday I sent in a suggestion for them to add in their excellent DeadZone scenery and talk to Guillotine Games/CMON (who they’re on friendly terms with) about some crossover using the MA survivors in Zombicide – since the survivors have a very similar stylistic look and feel. This morning, I got an email from Ronnie replying to my message and I see they’ve added the DZ scenery, a shout-out from CMON to their Zombicide backers in my inbox that also suggests the MA survivors would work in Zombicide and a new $500k stretch goals of Zombies vs Martians!

Oh, and they added a shitton of extra freebies as well.

Anyway, here’s the $100 “Sweet Spot” pledge level image, though they also have a giganton of stuff for those willing to go in for $300, which I’ve also added below.

More painted models soon! Hoping for some good natural light today…

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