From the Painting Desk #9 – A Week’s End/Weekend LotR Challenge

My week’s end/weekend project – See if I can finish off these figures by Sunday night:

A bunch of half-painted LotR stuff. Hopes are I can get it all finished!

I’ve also posted these in a LotR forum’s monthly army painting challenge pledge thing, because they’re all LotR models, but in reality it’s much more of a continuation of my “get these half-finished suckers completed and off my table” project combined with “painful stuff to paint at work during lunchtimes” (ie: Gondor guys). They just all happen to be LotR models that I’m wanting to get done and out of the way in the next few days. There’s 16 Moria Goblin Archers – 8 of the Goblin Archers are about 70-80% done, with the other 8 needing significantly more work still. 3 Metal Goblin captains almost done, and 3 Goblin Prowlers almost done…

The 7 Gondor war machine crew were started on Sunday so I could work on the most painful parts (blend highlighting the black clothing) at work. They’re now about 80% done, with all the pain in the arse highlighting of black cloth finished today. Just flesh, hilts, hair and belts to go.

Also, an “Oldhammer” Orc/Dwarf Bolt Thrower with only the bow arms to go. The lower half is done, and then it’ll need a base.

Hopefully I’ll get all 30 of these finished by the end of the weekend. Here’s to hoping!

Yes, it’s kind of a “nothing” post in that there’s no new cool finished figures here to show off. It’s here to help motivate me to get these suckers done and dusted.

Update 1: 8 Archers and 3 Prowlers completed so far…

Update 2: The other 8 Archers done…

Update 3: The other 8 Archers, the Gondor Warmachine crew and the Goblin captains done – that’s the lot finished! Job’s a good’un!