Warriors of Minas Tirith – Swordsman Units 1 and 2

These guys were painted last year, making up a decent chunk of the models I painted. As I’ve said, I wanted to avoid showing them individually (or at all) until I had more to show. Now that I’ve shown some of them recently, I figure I may as well start to show them off here on the blog to help motivate myself to get the army finished. I’ve got two units of swordsmen finished so far for Kings of War – one set up as a Regiment, and one as a Horde.

Sword-armed Warriors of Minas Tirith.

Rear View – Warriors of Minas Tirith

Everything I said about painting them previously applied and applies just as much to these guys, as well as the ones I’ve still got to paint.

Horde of Warriors of Minas Tirith

Rear View – Horde of Warriors of Minas Tirith

For Horde-sized units, I just double the number of models I use for a regiment. In this case 12->20 becomes 24->40. I think it still works, especially on the tabletop.

Two units of Sword-Armed Warriors of Minas Tirith