Citadel Night Goblin Fanatics (Plastics)

As part of my continuing push to clear off my painting desk via actually finishing off models, I gathered together these three Goblin Fanatics a couple of weekends ago. I got them either from eBay, or WAU, or something like that at least a couple of years ago. I can’t even remember, to tell the truth. It was certainly before we bought this house and moved in. They had been assembled, sprayed black, had their bases painted goblin green, and parts of their skin had also been painted goblin green. Unless that last part was me. Anyway, they’d just kind of floated around since I got here, and had been separated, and one of them had suffered a fall from the shelf due to Leonard the Cat going “fishing” from the top of the bookshelf – snapping the chain, which was hanging by a thin thread of plastic.

Citadel Night Goblin Fanatics

Citadel’s latest version of Night Goblin Fanatics

So anyway. I saw a couple of them taking up space and decided to finish them as a quick weekend project. The plan was to get them entirely done in the one weekend. It ended up taking two, but close enough. Glued the chain back together and off I went. It took a bit to decide what to do with their clothing. I feel that while Night Goblins can be dark as you like, it’s nice to make their “special” models pop in some way. I also hate checked patterns on goblinoids, so I went with flames. Initially using an off-white, I decided they’d look better with a bit more colour, so I went with the brighter flames.

Citadel Night Goblin Fanatics

Rear View of the Night Goblin Fanatics

Yes, I know that the base of the flames “should be” yellow as it’s the hottest part, and the red at the edges. These flames, of course, are made of paint representing a pattern on cloth rather than actual flames, so I’m fine with the red being adjacent to the green of their faces, and the yellow against the black of their hoods. It’s all about contrast and “pop” here, but without over highlighting black cloth or green skin up to white, which always bothers me a little. I also experimented a little with the balls and chains. I wanted them to look like worn and rusted metal.

While they took a little longer than I’d planned, I’m quite happy with the final outcome. Now, on to the next models.

7 thoughts on “Citadel Night Goblin Fanatics (Plastics)

  1. I like the look of the fanatics – they have come up really well. This post made me look up a few things… at the end of 2012 I sold (on eBay) a number of “excess” Warhammer figures and those three Goblins were one of the auctions. Mine were assembled and unpainted. I would find it quite amusing if it turned out you bought them from me. (If you use a “Marouda” eBay account – I’d say it was you!)


      • Heh, no such luck this time around. I’ll have to grab first dibs if you sell off any more Citadel models, though. Now how’s about some more painting!?

        You could use those 8 Dark Elves/Drow as a 10-strong KoW unit, or if you get 4 more done it’s a 20-strong regiment! Musicians and Standards will no longer have in-game effects outside of magic items (or army standards) in 2E, so will be purely decorative, so it’s a good chance to mix in other figures if you have them to bulk the numbers and skip them entirely if you’ve got the numbers…


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