Durbûrz, the Goblin King of Moria and his Shamans

Durbûrz, the Goblin King of Moria, Moria Goblin Shamans

These three are the top end of the Moria Goblin Army I’ve painted up for LotR SBG and KoW recently (and WotR if I ever actually play it). Durbûrz, the Goblin King of Moria will lead the forces until Golfimbal on Foot and Mounted are finished, and no doubt sometimes even then.

I experimented a little using some Seraphim Sepia wash on his armour to try and give it a “gold” feel, as befits a king. It didn’t exactly work for gold, but I didn’t want a shiny, nice, bright gold anyway. Still, it looks decent anyway on him, and different enough from the standard muddy-steel look. The rock he’s perched on was also the impetus that led to adding bits of slate onto all of the “leader” models in the Goblin army, including all of those Captains I finished recently.

Moria Goblin Shamans

These two were a nice surprise. I thought I had some shamans, somewhere but couldn’t for the life of me find them. I gave up and grudgingly resolved to buy some at some stage, and then lucked out and found these guys, along with a bunch of unpainted Gundabad Blackshields. Since I’ve got two of the same sculpts here, I added some colour to distinguish the two by glazing their armour plates with Army Painter red and green washes. These, as with the sepia washed armour on the King kept the palette within the one chosen for the army while giving both models a bit of individuality.

Moria Goblin Shamans

I still need to buy Drûzhag, The Beastcaller and possibly the Moria Goblin Commanders set for the alternate Shaman model and the Drummers. Aside from those, the Blackshields and the more exciting and exotic models like Trolls, Wargs and the like, it’ll just be the 11 sprues of plastic Moria Goblins and I’m done. 132 models. Bleugh. I see some dead-eyed batch painting in my future.

6 thoughts on “Durbûrz, the Goblin King of Moria and his Shamans

    • Thanks mate. I don’t overly enjoy painting these, but I’m happy with them once they’re done.. I might have to take some time off work to paint them at my usual rate…


  1. I particularly like the green wash on one of the shamans. Was that over a steel or gold base?
    Ouch, 132 goblins. Are you planning on painting those a couple of sprues at a time or are you girding your loins (and clearing considerable desk space) for an all out assault on them?

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    • Both are over a (highighted) “metal” base, made of VMA gunmetal highlighted with VMC Oily Steel and then a bit of VMA Steel. The plan for when I get on the goblins is to do them 24 of each sort (bow/spear/sword) at a time and then break those down to sub-sets of 12. That way whenever I finish 12 (or 24) I can base another unit or two on regiment trays and keep myself motivated. I really need to clear a bunch of desk space for that first, though.


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