Mega-City Judge in RTB01 Power Armour

This figure was one I painted many years ago, and found in a box recently, beaten up and nasty. I’m sure that I’m far from the only person who as a teen decided that their metal Citadel Judge Dredd figures needed some more heavily-armoured backup and found that backup in the form of a plastic RTB01 Space Marine.

After seeing the Mega-City One/Judgement Day project going on over on Sho3box, I pulled it out and thought to myself that I should repaint it. Last weekend, Marouda selected it as a figure for me to finish off to clear the paint desk, and so I set to the task. Kind of a complete repaint, and kind of an overpaint. The eye lenses are original, as is the numeral on the power fist. Everything else used the original paint as the base coat, and added modern highlighting and shading. The exception is the gold work, which was originally painted a bright yellow, and was simply plain. I decided to go for metallics, and freehand a MC-1 Eagle of Justice onto the pad. Because I can.

I also stuck him onto a 32mm base, because apparently I’m also doing that now.

RTB01 Space Marine Mega-City Judge Dredd

You’re mine, Perp!

RTB01 Space Marine Mega-City Judge Dredd

Who’s the Law? I AM THE LAW!

RTB01 Space Marine Mega-City Judge Dredd

Money shot of the Eagle.

RTB01 Space Marine Mega-City Judge Dredd

Rear View of the RTB01 Judge.

There’s a second one of these guys as well. Unfortunately he’s in the kind of shape that C-3PO was in about three quarters of the way through The Empire Strikes Back, so he’ll require a bit more work in order to recover.

One day I’ll use him in Judge Dredd games, and also as an Imperial Adeptus Arbite in 40k/Rogue Trader/Deathwatch/etc. And in games like Frag!