Citadel Miniatures’ C20 Trolls – All four!

How do you best follow up a post featuring a Dwarven Slayer?

With Trolls, of course!

I’ve shown two of these trolls before, just two weeks past a year ago now, as it happens. Last week, while stuck for something to paint I asked Marouda to choose some models for me to finish and as a result, I finally got a third finished for them.

C20 Hill Troll

C20 Hill Troll – It’s Clubberin’ Time!

Hill troll suffered a broken wrist many years ago, and with my meager skills of the day I “repaired” it by pinning and then wrapping wire around the join, as though it were bound with rope. Not the neatest of jobs, but it works passably, and I’ve not got the desire to destroy his wrist again in an attempt to repair it.

C20 Hill Troll

The two that have already been shown were painted Blue, as GW-style “Stone Trolls” probably sometime during the period of 4th Edition of WHFB. Most likely the one with the boulder overhead “Cave Troll” was painted as he was a pretty good approximation of a Stone Troll. “Warrior Troll” was no doubt painted to match, and the “new” guy, “Hill Troll” was definitely started with the other two in mind. He just took a lot longer before I got around to completing him!

C20 Hill, Cave and Warrior Trolls

C20 Hill, Cave and Warrior Trolls as a unit. They’ll be used as a Regiment in KoW.

These three together will make up a regiment-sized unit for my eventual Kings of War (Orc and) Goblin Army, made up of (mostly) older Citadel figures. Not to be confused with the Moria Goblins who I’ve been working on a fair bit this year. In the short-to-medium-term, there might be some crossover between the two, but only until I manage to get both playable.

C20 Hill, Cave and Warrior Trolls

C20 Hill, Cave and Warrior Trolls – Painted as their later cousins, “Stone Trolls”.

C20 Hill, Cave and Warrior Trolls

C20 Trolls in a Trio.

As it happens, I’ve just found that these three comprise 3/4 of the entire original C20 Troll range…     queue a week-long delay in publishing this post to do a bit more BTS work…

C20 Trolls, circa 1987. Image taken from The Stuff of Legends.

C20 Marsh Troll

C20 Marsh Troll – doing his best Bigfoot pose.

…and also as it happens, I’ve also got their fourth, here, who just needed a little touching up and a rebasing from his old, 90’s-style green-flocked base.

C20 Marsh Troll

…he’s been fishin’ (on the dock of the bay?)

I’ll share Swamp Troll again sometime soonish with a bit of luck when I sort him out a pair of proper mates.

C20 Marsh Troll, Hill Troll, Cave Troll, Warrior Troll

C20 Marsh Troll, Hill Troll, Cave Troll, Warrior Troll

And the final shot – all four of the C20 Trolls Class of ’87. Finally completed!

7 thoughts on “Citadel Miniatures’ C20 Trolls – All four!

    • Just the one Swamp Troll on the fin-ears, but it’s somewhat of an example of how GW and FW have been tapping their older designs for points of inspiration and interest on their new models – which I think has only been a positive thing.


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