Citadel Oldhammer Dwarfs – Troll Slayer and Bugman’s Champion

And from Trolls, back to Dwarfs we go. Specifically, the Original Troll Slayer model and an old Champion from Bugman’s Dwarf Rangers.

Dwarf Adventurer 09, Troll Slayer, Oldhammer Slayer

The Original Troll Slayer “Wild Nyjhul”

This Troll Slayer seems to have appeared in White Dwarf 97/Jan 1988 as part of the “Dwarf Adventurers” range (or at least that’s the earliest reference I can find, but it feels like a slightly earlier release). His name in that very old advert is “Wild Nyjhul” – perhaps a reference to Nigel Stillman?

Dwarf Adventurer 09, Troll Slayer, Oldhammer Slayer

A tattoo-sharing shot of the Dwarf Slayer

I painted this figure about 20 years ago and repainted it to “modern” standards a couple of years ago, at which point I added the tattoos. I gave him a more “natural” looking shade of orange for his hair and beard than the red-orange shade they usually have these days.

Dwarf Adventurer 09, Troll Slayer, Oldhammer Slayer

Troll Slayer, rear view.

There’s another of the “Dwarf Adventurers” who was also used and considered an early Troll Slayer and at least two “Berserkers” from the Norse Dwarfs range who predate this model and were later retconned into the early “Slayer” models in the same way that many of the Eternal Champion Models later became formative High Elves and Wardancers. But I don’t have them so we’re not too concerned about those models today. 😉

Bugman's Dwarf Rangers RRD01, 'Owd' Tom Thyksson

‘Owd’ Tom Thyksson

Not the original RR1 version of Bugman’s Dwarf Rangers’ Regiments of Renown, but from what I can tell the second version “RRD1” released in Jan 1987 during the time of WHFB 2nd Edition. This piratical-looking guy is called “‘Owd’ Tom Thyksson”.

Bugman's Dwarf Rangers RRD01, 'Owd' Tom Thyksson

‘Owd’ Tom Thyksson

Once again, this guy was painted long ago and given an update a couple of years ago. I gave him a paler skin tone, while the Slayer was given a more ruddy look.

Bugman's Dwarf Rangers RRD01, 'Owd' Tom Thyksson, Troll Slayer

‘Owd’ Tom Thyksson and the Original Dwarf Troll Slayer

I know I certainly wouldn’t want to run into these two in a dark alley…

I’ll have some more Oldhammer dwarfs coming along again soon. But next… more Trolls!

9 thoughts on “Citadel Oldhammer Dwarfs – Troll Slayer and Bugman’s Champion

  1. Nice work! I know one of the slayer models that you mean – started life as a northern dwarf and then mutated into ‘Juggo’ from the Magnificent Sven scenario in WFB2. I picked up the mini from Ebay for next to nothing in a job lot a few years ago and in a moment of madness sold him on. And then…I end up building a Norse unit, remember the figure, go scouring Ebay and find he’s selling for a few quid more. Duh. Good job that I don’t play the stock market.

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    • Thank you – I have to say I agree – he’s a pretty awesome model and very characterful as so many of them were, but one of the very best in my opinion. I just got lucky enough to own him.

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  2. Excellent work on the tattoos. I would give them a glaze with the skintone to make them look more like they are part of the skin and not warpaint. However, the motives and look works as it is. The second dwarf is full of character and the red and blue as contrast colours work really well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep, that’s what I tend to do with tattoos on models these days. I just don’t want to mess with these two at this point for some reason, else I’d also give Tom a ruddy nose as well and maybe a little purple tinge around/under the eyes.


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