What to Paint in December?

I’ve been thinking lately. My painting has changed focus a couple of times this year. At the start it was simply to “paint models and maybe get an army finished” with a hopeful goal of getting 365 models painted in the year – which I’ve never managed to do. It then shifted to getting my Gondor Army (for KoW, etc) completed, then the Moria Army was added to that hopeful focus. Then it shifted to getting things that were started (often years, or even decades ago) finished before starting new units and projects. I’ve been reasonably happy with the way most of it’s all gone, but in a few weeks I’m taking some leave from work, so I’ll have pretty much all of December off.

I thought it would be a nice thing to paint something new/different/interesting/cool, to celebrate my holidays. The question is: What to paint?

I don’t really want to slot a unit of models or even a vehicle or Knight in here – I’d much prefer a cool character, or monster, or walker. Something I can enjoy, that can be a bit of something special and cooler than my usual endless Rank & File, but not something that’s going to be off-putting in terms of assembly like a vehicle or knight. Or scenery.

Old photo of far too many unpainted models.

I’ve got a LOT of models across a lot of ranges so there’s a lot of scope/potential for something interesting here. GW, Forge World, Warhammer Forge, Fantasy, Raging Heroes, Avatars of War, Reaper, Blood Bowl, Citadel-Oldhammer/Rogue Trader, 40k, Rackham, WarZone, Dredd, (just a little) WarmaHordes, Historicals…. so I reckon I’ll ask here, and then just disqualify any suggestions people make that are out of my scope or preference (Mantic or Reaper Bones models for example are probably not up to the level of what I want to have fun with doing as a special job.)

Any suggestions??

21 thoughts on “What to Paint in December?

    • That’s the plan. Well, probably no hero *units* unless they’re very small in numbers like the FW Plague Ogres. I’m not feeling a display piece right now. Not a “normal” one anyway, though I’m not opposed to painting a “gaming model” that I do purely for fun without having started to paint that particular army…


  1. Whole of December off? Deciding what to paint? Now that’s what I call a ‘high quality problem’ 🙂 If it were me, I’d go for a highly converted Inq28-esque gang, or maybe some RT civvies… or terrain

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    • Yep, it’s a nice problem to have. I’m calling it the payoff for what’s been a pretty full-on and stressful year of work. I don’t really have the stamina at this point to convert or paint large numbers of figures (not as a “treat”, anyway), and I’ll doubtlessly do some terrain work over summer as it is. RT civvies.. I don’t really have much in that vein, aside from the odd Hasslefree figure that fits, but they’re not really big and/or exciting enough to be part of an end of year payoff. They’re the kind of model I’ll happily grab out and do once the backlog is cleared.

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    • Thanks Dave. I’ve been working the LotR stuff lately as it is. The Gondor and Moria forces won’t be finished this year now, but hopefully in the first half of 2016? Perhaps? I’ve got Mordor Uruk-Hai in the “paint at work” slot right now, and still trying to finalise those bloody Black Numenorians…

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  2. http://s247.photobucket.com/user/azazel_f13/media/Miniatures/room01_zps75287502.jpg.html



    Derailing the conversation, do you have a closeup of those plastic boxes in the middle shelves (of the pic in your post, not the one I linked). The organization of my stuff… leaves something to be desired.

    Now, answering your question… dunno, I have the very same problem. I’m focused toward finishing projects to bring them to the table, so to speak. But if you want a treat, possibly something that adds to a project you’ve already finished and it’s not a “requirement” but an “upgrade”.

    Or scatter terrain, that shit is fun to do and paint.

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    • The plastic storage boxes I use are these:
      Unlike a lot of other similar containers, the dividers do not come out or move. Though the containers are relatively cheap and pretty strong.

      My focus is usually the same with that focus towards finishing things off, but since I’ve been working through years of backlog and half-finished models, I need some sort of reward that isn’t the sort of thing I usually work on. Scatter terrain is the sort of thing I’m usually willing to let queue jump because it’s usually quick and easy!


      • KMart regularly have a similar storage box (but not as deep) – the dividers are fixed in theirs too. I’ve found them great for figures and a sharp knife (carefully used) can remove some dividers for larger compartments.
        As for painting – I’d support seeing some Rogue Trader or 40k figures done. Most of what I’ve seen you painting over the last year (or two) has been fantasy-based.

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      • Over the last 6 months or so I’ve really been wanting to start painting up some 40k stuff. The holdup has been wanting to clear this bloody desk! Regardless of what I end up painting here (Dreads being the only really 40k-ish things that have come up) I reckon I’ll let myself do some new 40k stuff in January at the very least. I just got some Forge World Mechanicum Gun-Servitors that look like they’d be easy, fun and quick, so they’ll probably be in the vanguard.


  3. I don’t really have any suggestions for what you should paint up but I’m envious of the fact you’ll be able to paint through most of December!

    I would spend some of the time before you start planning. How often do you get chance to sit and sift through all those storage boxes of stuff? Not that often I’d guess given your painting/gaming time is at a premium. Taking a slow and measured rummage through your stuff for ‘stock taking purposes’ will surely find a few gems that you’ve forgotten about.

    From my remembrances (when I painted in the 90s, not this time around!) The great thing about having plenty of time to paint for long periods without too many distractions is that you can have a couple of things on the go (one dries, as you paint the other) without stretching yourself too far and ending up with two half finished projects.

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    • Well, I’ve spent a fair bit of time in the last couple of years transferring them from all manner of other storage “solutions” into the storage boxes, and then labelling them. It’s true that I could look inside any of them and find some very cool (to me, at least) stuff to paint, the vast majority of them are “normal” figures, and I’m really planning to paint something that I would normally *not* paint – because I haven’t started this or that army, or because it’s too big, or whatever. I’ve got a rough list together now thanks to feedback here and on Dakka, as well as thinking about some models I’d like to paint (and finding three new contenders as I was looking for a suggestion that got rejected). We should call them MILPs, amirite?
      I’ll post up a “draft list” of them sometime soon – hopefully this week…

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      • Haha if the term MILP isn’t a thing it should be! I’m looking forward to seeing your list of potential paint jobs.

        On a slight tangent I did notice you had ‘Avatars of War’ on the list of models at your disposal.
        I can’t quite make my mind up about them. The ‘greens’ they picture on the packaging (admittedly probably computer generated images rather than actual green stuff sculpts) look splendid, but on closer inspection at my FLGS the actual metal models in the packets seem to be poorly cast with flash and lacking the crisp definition shown in the box pictures – not what you’d expect for models in that price range (comparable to what GW charge for their 28mm character miniatures).

        What do you think of them?

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      • I have to admit, I’ve never had a bad AoW model (aside from overly-fragile resins) – at least from the inspectons I’ve given them (never gotten around to painting any yet, which is a bit embarrassing…). I’m pretty sure that all of their models are sculpted traditionally – certainly anything by Felix is done traditionally. It wouldn’t surprise me though if they haven’t always been on top of replacing the moulds when they should have, though…


    • I would, but they’re not big/impressive enough to really fit in what I want this to be about – same issue as doing a Space Marine character. Besides, I have to QA them still, and then get the right kind of surfactant to clean them so they can actually be painted. Jinx will be it for RH in 2015, I’m afraid!


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