Citadel WHFB Dwarf Daemon Slayer (1994)

Citadel Daemon Slayer, 1994

Still doing some Dwarves mixed in with everything else at the moment. I’ve managed to finish this guy off a few days ago.

I bought this one along with most of the other metal slayers from eBay a year or so ago, and started him as I was finishing off the first batch that I showed off a week ago. I’m not entirely sure who sculpted him, or his compatriots as he was released after Citadel stopped crediting their sculptors properly and everything became the work of “The Citadel Design Team”. Probably Colin Dixon, since he did many of the post-Perry Dwarves of that era.

Citadel Daemon Slayer, 1994

Much like most of his fellows, I was never fond of this model, as his hair is… ridiculous. A little less ridiculous that most of the Giant Slayers, I guess – as a tall, thin-crested mohawk like this one could exist much more easily than the multi-lane models sported by the Giant Slayers. I’m okay with his tartan pants, but in retrospect, I should have gone with blue, not red as there’s not the colour differentiation that I would have liked. Even allowing for the fact that they’re a little more defined in person. Ah well, I ain’t repainting him!

Citadel Daemon Slayer, 1994

Initially I had him based on a 25mm round, like his cohorts but then decided that he was a little big for it. Since I have a pile of 32mm bases, and I don’t need to worry about WHFB and don’t care what Mantic says about square bases for heroes in KoW (who have no facing anyway) I went with one of the bigger bases. The fact that it makes it a little more SAGA or AoS-friendly is simply by the by.

Citadel Daemon Slayer, 1994

Since this guy is an older veteran of many more campaigns, I tatt’ed him up more heavily than the Giant Slayers. Work on both arms, his back, and (only) one side of his face. Conversely, when I get the Troll Slayers done, they might only have shoulders and maybe some back work done, rather than the number on this guy’s arms of the single sleeves that most of the Giant Slayers have.

15 thoughts on “Citadel WHFB Dwarf Daemon Slayer (1994)

    • Thanks Alex. Hopefully I can get a few more Slayers done before I run out of steam on them. I’ve got 3 Troll Slayers I’m stuck on. They’re completely done barring my mental block on what sort of tattoos to give them. Then it’s 2 musicians, a standard, a Dragon Slayer and then Gotrek. (And then Felix, because of course.)
      If I survive those, then there’s plenty more Giant Slayers, the AoW box, and a few other odd metals…

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  1. The tattoos are amazing. You must be using a two strand paintbrush or something. The detailing is incredible! What gold do you use. Mine often look more cop perish or bronze than gold. Really great work. You’re right, the hair is ridiculous and almost the same size as his body haha. I like it though. Well done.

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  2. Wow you surprise me again with your steady hand and patients and attention to detail! The tattoos are remarkably clean and look good! This is yet another amazing looking mini that you capture the spirit of the model in this paint job ! Well done sir!

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    • Thank you. I’d love it if I could figure out a way to make a “realistic” sleeve look effective in miniature, but it seems that smaller, distinct pieces or larger “tribal” style work just works better at this scale – and of course, especially on Slayers.
      I might try some coloured floral work on a suitable figure down the line.

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  3. Just like the other dwarves again a smashin paintjob. Excellent tattoos (I think the ‘under the skin’ effect cmes across quite well here), realistic metals with some nice definition on the axe blade and a fitting vibrant orange. Did you ever consider painting some with say green or blue hair? Maybe even just a brown. This might help with the rather oversized hair in taking the emphasis off it. However, given they are dwarf slayers the orange hair is obviously canon, as is the mohawk. So I think it works with this miniature.

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    • It’s funny. I’m not one that usually binds myself to Warhammery canon too tightly, but for me I think Slayers’ hair will need to stay within that bright orange-to-red spectrum. I think if I went green or blue, it’d be going a bit too far towards the punk aesthetic – which is and will be fine for so many of my other models, but just not suit my personal vision of how I want my Dwarven Slayers to be.
      The angry orange-red is their signature agressive, peacock tail in full spread, after all. A loose non-uniform “uniform” with some slight and subtle variation within each model, kinda like how Space Marine models often are, come to think of it…


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