4th Edition WHFB Night Goblin Netter and Clubber

4th Edition WHFB Night Goblin Netter and Clubber Gloomspite Gitz

This pair was painted some and photographed some time ago – July 2015 – but for some reason the post never went up. In the interests of content – and conflict given the Slayers in my last post – here they are!

Like the other Goblins from the era, they’re just this side off of “Oldhammer” to the purists, but as I’ve said before – they’re close enough for me, as they were some of the first models released for 4th edition, during the time that Kev “Goblinmaster” Adams was still the sculptor of all things goblinoid.

4th Edition WHFB Night Goblin Netter and Clubber Gloomspite Gitz

I’ve also given them the flame effect on their robe hoods, in pretty much the same style as I’ve used on my Night Goblin Fanatics. I’m wanting to put together a small Orc & Goblin force for Kings of War using my old metals. I just need to find some appropriate unit entries for the wilder stuff like these guys – not to mention do a hell of a lot of painting!

I’ve got some more of these guys on the boil, so hopefully I’ll have them up here sooner rather than later!

16 thoughts on “4th Edition WHFB Night Goblin Netter and Clubber

  1. Amazing paint work. The flames really give them a lift. The only thing I don’t like about them, and it’s nothing to do with your work, is the net. It’s too solid. I can imagine it would be difficult to mould or sculpt a net though. Great work man.

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    • Yeah, its not the greatest net, but such were the challenges of sculpting for metal and strength. The other core netter sculpt might be more to your taste. I’ll have the next lot up soon.

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  2. Nice to see these classics given a classic treatment! My love affair with Night Goblins started back in 4th with sculpts like these. Coincidentally I just finished up a little piece of scatter terrain for my Night Goblins and found two unpainted clubbers – now I’ve got to add them to the painting queue!

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    • Yep, as Cheetor says, these Goblins are when Kev had the style down very tightly. Get that terrain up on your blog as well as the new Gobboes (when they’re done)


  3. Great models, arguably Kev at the height of his powers. The 4th ed Night Goblin range is classic. Notions of Oldhammer purity are nonsense.

    There are sci-fi orc sculpts by Kev on Kickstarter right now. They are nice, much more in line with modern scales and styles than the peculiar recent Warmonger items. Worth checking out if you have an interest.

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    • Agreed on the Oldhammer, but I just can’t stop myself poking at it to amuse myself ;). I’ve taken the look at the KS. Now to decide if I want to pay modern character prices for more models I don’t need since I’ve still got a box of old unpainted Kev to work through…

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  4. Really cool oldschool sculpts and naturally an excellent paintjob to do them justice. The flame freehand is a wonderful touch.

    I really like the old Kev Adams ‘comic’ style goblins. I just got myself some Spellcrow Goblin heads and the detailing is stunning. They are on the big side so it seems I might have to sculpt the bodies from scratch (I don’t own any GW Goblins, which might fit better and the Bones Goblins are too small). I thought of a “Labyrinth” style with smaller arms and legs, a chubby body and the head more in proportion to the body.

    In any case, if you feel like converting some I can only recommend the Spellcrow heads. To bolster your troops the old Rackham Goblins might be something to look for. They are more “Gremlin” style, but I sure love those classic sculpts.

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    • The Spellcrow stuff look pretty nice. I’ve got a few sets of Kromlech/Maxmini Ork heads, haven’t gotten around to Spellcrow yet. I’ve got a few of the GW plastics (one box of night goblins bought years ago and at least partially scattered). The rest are the Skull Pass plastics, and of course a few Old Lead ones. I’ve finished the rest of these guys now and will hopefully have the pics up within a week. After that, it’s the rest of the clubbers and the prodders and such…


      • Sounds very good indeed. The Spellcrow stuff is a tad bigger than the Maxmini heads, so at least for some of the Bones minis too small, but very suitable for an Ettin or Oger body.

        I also got some Boarmen from Maxmini and they are superb sculpts. I can only recommend them. I still try to figure out what to use them with. I think the upcoming North Star Gnolls are good candidates. If you have some Beastmen they will surely fit the bill.

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