C21 Oldhammer Goblin Wolfriders (1987?)

This pair shows off an “Oldhammer” Warhammer Goblin Unit made up of 2nd-3rd Edition models, sculpted by Kev Adams. I bought and painted these figures long, long ago and recently found them lurking in the bottom of an old Chessex figure case.

C21 Oldhammer Goblin Wolfriders Wolfboyz

C21 Goblin Wolf Riders

It didn’t take much to clip off the old GW cavalry bases and cut some slotta holes in some 40mm rounds, and then rebase the pair. I then touched them up a little and they were ready to join the 21st Century.

C21 Oldhammer Goblin Wolfriders Wolfboyz

C21 Oldhammer Goblin Wolfriders Wolfboyz

“Old figures have more character” is often bandied around for a lot of reasons, sometimes as an excuse for poor sculpting or dodgy casting, but I think these figures really illustrate that statement in all of the right ways.

C21 Oldhammer Goblin Wolfriders Wolfboyz

C21 Oldhammer Goblin Wolfriders Wolfboyz

What was also pretty awesome was finding another three, riders and wolves in totally separate boxes put away for separate reasons within a few hours of each other the other day. All pretty much unpainted and found as I was looking through some other models (looking for a MIA DA Techmarine). Looks like I’ll have a full, small unit put together hopefully sooner than later.





6 thoughts on “C21 Oldhammer Goblin Wolfriders (1987?)

  1. Really nice Goblins. I love the club with a Goblin/Squig face. Basically the dude hits you twice. I feel the skin would benefit from a glaze with some olive green, but that is a matter of taste. The skin looks very yellowish in some parts, but maybe they are younger Goblins that still have to ripen ;). Other than that the wolf fur looks good and I like that you did darken the mid section. Finally the basing is simple, yet effective and does not overtake the miniatures.

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    • I can’t remember when I read it, but in an old WD some many years ago, they went into discussion of how if we take Orcs as the “base” goblinoid skin tone, the goblins are lighter and the snotlings are lighter again. Conversely, the Big’uns through Black Orks get darker in their skin tones. I’ve kept that in mind ever since (while happily ignoring the whole “fungus” aspect). The other thing on these guys is that as “renovations” I avoided touching the parts that still looked decent to good, so as to have as much original paint still out there as possible. I guess the final thing is that I’ve still got a lot to figure out with regard to my photography, as they’re a bit overexposed. They’re some of the first photos with my new camera, so hopefully I’ll be able to get that sorted out between learning the camera and photoshop. Cheers!


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