Kev Adams’ Heartbreaker Orc with Scimitar (RPE 2004)

The next Orc off the rank is this guy. A Kev Adams sculpt from shortly after he left GW, and originally from Heartbreaker in the 1990’s (when I purchased it), this figure is still available today from RPE/Ral Partha Europe as “2004 Orc w/scimitar” for a very reasonable 2 quid.

Kev Adams' Heartbreaker Orc with Scimitar, RPE 2004

I’ve painted him with quite dark skin, though he’s nowhere near the size of a Black Orc. It’s a fairly simple paint job that gives him a little bit of individuality compared to the Citadel models I’ve been painting lately while being similar enough for him to fit in wherever I need to drop him down.

Kev Adams' Heartbreaker Orc with Scimitar, RPE 2004

It’s a simple figure, all in all – but I think it’s a cracking sculpt that doesn’t need to reply on the character of old-school models, nostalgia or the act of painting it to endear it. Those things all add to this model, but I think it stands confidently on its own even without those additional elements.

15 thoughts on “Kev Adams’ Heartbreaker Orc with Scimitar (RPE 2004)

  1. Very nice, and 2 quid you say? I’m tempted, the sculpted shield emblem looks a bit like a bastardised Slaanesh rune, so he could join my lone Orc Champion and his Porkling followers. I have Kev’s range from the Greenskin Wars Kickstarter coming my way, looks like the Heartbreaker sculpts could be used to extend it a bit (not that it needs it, it’s more than a lifetime of painting already).

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    • Yep. Nice and cheap. Their Kev Adams stuff is pretty nice. It turns out I have most of the orcs from back in the Harlequin Days, but I’m planning to grab a small unit or two of the Kev Adams dwarfs in the next couple of months. What’s even better is that they – Dwarfs and Orcs and Goblins all – fit in pretty much perfectly with the Oldhammer Citadel stuff. I’d love to see what you could end up doing with them.


  2. That is a lovely model. I do like a bit of old-hammer but as you say it’s really nice to see something that stands on its own two feet without needing nostalgia to prop it up. Plus £2 is a bargain in anyone’s money. Just received my Kev Adams goblins from the Greenskin Wars kickstarter and already I’m sorely tempted by some of the others from the Heartbreaker range. It’s a sickness I tell you..!

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    • There’s only one solution to that. Apparently.

      Now go buy it!
      (Disclaimer: There are no kickbacks from RPE here, and they don’t even know this post exists – I’m just promoting the purchase of good minis!)

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    • Thank you. One thing I can definately say for relatively simple figures like these ones – they certainly give a bit of scope for playing around with the tones of the few items they possess.


  3. Splendid work as usual ☺
    By coincidence I’ve got a few of these Heartbreaker Orcs in my shopping basket that I’ve been umming and ahhing about rather than just hitting the ‘buy’ button on. As you know I’m not a massive fan of Kev Adams but ones like this aren’t too over the top for my tastes and I think your paint job just sold them to me. Also I’d like your recipe for the aged gold on the helmet – Please share!

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    • Great to hear. They’re nice models and I’d love to see how you paint them up. The gold effect was easy. I just painted the whole thing as Iron and then decided that the metal needed some differentiation so just drybrushed Vallejo Model Air Metallic Rust over the top and into the gaps where the dome is located (which is what gives it the fade at the edges). That’s it – no other highlighting or shading!

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    • Thanks mate. Yep, a quid is just a pound. We’ve got dollars here in Aus of course, but I buy enough stuff from the UK and work with enough Brits that it’s easy to use when I talk about their funny money. 😉
      All of the RPE stuff is proper, old-school metal. Another reason I like them.

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