Citadel Dwarf Rune Priest (’97-’98) Colin Dixon

Citadel Dwarf Rune Priest, 1999, Colin Dixon

This guy was started about 3-4 years ago, when we started a very-occasional Pathfinder campaign run by our friend Orez. My character is (was?) a Dwarf Cleric, and so I trawled through my Dwarf minis storage box to find something appropriate. This guy was what I came up with. Hammer. Staff. Gems. Surly Expression. Yep, he fit the bill well enough. I could have blinged out his rather bright cloak a little more, but given how beaten up and ragged it is, I decided not to in the end.

Citadel Dwarf Rune Priest, 1999, Colin Dixon

Since we play …infrequently, the figures from the Pathfinder project kinda got sidelined and semi-forgotten. As a result, this guy was sitting on my painting desk for a couple of years before I noticed him recently and decided to just get him finished. Even if he doesn’t do a lot of Pathfinding, he certainly has a place in the Dwarven Army that I’m slowly building for KoW and even AoS if/when I get around to playing it as well.

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