Technical Difficulties

Just a quick one today so people know what’s going on and where the monthly challenge update is – got through hell week at work last week, so the last three weeks should be pretty busy but not the insanely intense that the last month has been. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten properly sick in the last week as well. I think it’s very possibly (TBC) Helicobacter pylori, a bacterial stomach infection that isn’t quite a bag of fun. So I haven’t had the energy or interest to blog or look at other blogs.

Not a stress though. I’ll be fine, even if it takes a week or two. I’m not shopping for sympathy or anything like that. So here’s the near-future timeline: I’ve got three November posts of my own to photograph, write up and post. Well, one is basically written up but lacks photos, while the other two lack either. After those three posts, I’ll do my November wrap-up post, then a few days to a week after that, I’ll do November’s Community Wrap Up (so get yer shit posted up and linked to my OP so I can find them!)

In the meantime, December’s challenge is up, and offers quite a lot of freedom. So get painting and posting!

Yeah, YOU!

I’ll get caught up on people’s posts and replies to my own slowly over time. I tend to just go to the reader and then work my way down for an hour(!) or so when I have time. Right now, that’s not happening, though as I feel like arse – so be patient. Shit, I haven’t even watched any wrasslin’ in two weeks!

Almost feels like a Kickstarter update, doesn’t it?

See you soon!

34 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. Get well soon! As for Kickstarter updates, they tend to be much more vague about future timelines. (I’m waiting for one now five months overdue. The last update was “here’s a video we made to preview some of the artwork”.)

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    • I was going for the “I’m sick now, which explains why I didn’t do all of those things I promised I was working on months ago” angle. 😉
      Which KS is that? Sounds like SDE, or Journey (or probably a ton more!)


    • Yep. Funny how sometimes work tasks are amongst the least important things but oddly needs to be prioritised.. Like needing to finish a thing that nobody will ever look at or read in order to check a box for me which checks a box for someone above me and on it goes.

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    • Cheers mate. I kept painting as best I could since that still (kinda) worked as a nice relaxing positive thing. The work of blogging I put to the side, though 🙂


  2. Sorry to hear that man, that sucks. Looking forward to hearing from you when you feel well enough to post your stuff. I resigned to not having my Ad Mech Knight ready for November… But now I feel like I would be doing you an injustice if I didn’t try knowing you’ve been set back. I will not let you go down in vein!

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  3. I want my money back! I’m reporting you to Kickstarter! They aren’t ever going to deliver! Let’s face it folks, we’ve been hustled!

    Sorry, couldn’t resist! Get better soon, man! Blogs and whatnot will be waiting for ya, once your health is in order. I also use the Reader view to keep tabs on blogs. Even moreso, now that WordPress has an annoying tendency to log me out whenever I go to someone’s site directly. What’s up with that?!

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    • I think WordPress hates you.

      As for your pledge, our shipping department records indicate that we sent it last month. Please check with your local customs and post office. Unfortunately we do not have any tracking numbers and are unable to do anything about lost pledges. Best of luck!

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