Star Wars Imperial Assault: General Veers

Star Wars Imperial Assault General Veers

Maximilian Veers was a male Human Major General of the Galactic Empire’s Imperial Army, famous for his leadership at the assault on Hoth in 3 ABY and other battles. Thank you Wookieepedia.

For some reason I didn’t think to look up a source image for Veers,  Instead, I relied on my memory – and got Veers’ hard armour colours wrong! (And also Weiss’ – As I painted them at the same time!) Well, in my defence, though – even images online have a bit of colour shift:

This image is the official FFG one for the Legion Veers model pack.

But this one is from!

Still, even with that variation between steel blue and sea green, how could I have gotten the armour so very wrong?


I guess I was remembering this action figure? Which I never owned as a child?

Or maybe this bust? Which I also don’t own. I guess we can see here that Media depictions of Veers’ armour has been ….consistently inconsistent over the decades.

To be fair, even the action figures have had just a tiny bit of variation over the years…

So my excuse is that i was operating from deep memory, rather than checking the source material. It does bother me a little bit, but not enough to repaint the bastards!

Star Wars Imperial Assault General Veers, AT-ST, AT-DP

Here’s Veers alongside his fellow Imperials from November’s painting. I never did get that hover-tank thing finished. Or started.

Star Wars Imperial Assault General Veers, AT-ST, AT-DP

And here’s the money shot – Veers alongside all three Imperial Assault walkers with a slightly Endor-inspired background. Now you know why I featured that scenery piece yesterday. To be fair, though – I’d planned to show it ages ago before I got overwhelmed by work. You also now know why their bases are decorated as they are.

37 thoughts on “Star Wars Imperial Assault: General Veers

  1. Honestly, for Hoth, the lighter uniforms would make sense. Regardless of in-universe accuracy, tho, he looks good here, in and of himself. Nice shading on the trousers and tunic, and he (or at least his aide) certainly knows how to shine up a pair of boots.

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    • Yep, though simply putting a helm and breastplate over fleet uniform doesn’t exactly make sense either! Thanks as well. The uniform creases are pretty nicely done on the figure which makes painting it easier in some ways than exaggerated GW clothing creases.

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  2. Looks great to me, you are forgetting about imperial order KP123-378 which changed regulation armour for officers to make them more visible to the men under their command (oh and to the enemy too).
    Plus he is a general he can wear what he wants 😁
    Seriously though the whole shabang looks really 👍

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  3. Great work mate, There are so many colour variances when looking on line at uniforms that I wouldn’t worry too much about as both of your characters look great

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  4. I’ve recently noticed the green/grey thing going on with the imperial army (as I’m looking for 15mm figs for star wars). I suspect it’s channeling the german ww2 army uniforms…..feld grau was a weird shade that seems to change colour depending on what pictures you are looking at. The empire are obviously space nazis right? Makes sense to model them on the originals…..

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    • Oh absolutely. They were very much based on the Wehrmacht and SS uniforms, right down to Feldgrau and their armour (and ships) basically being Panzer Grey. (White-grey and later Blue TIEs notwithstanding). Sturmtruppen, although a WWI troop got immortalised in the wider consciousness, along with General Hoth and a bunch of other little details…

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  5. Too bad you got the shade wrong on that Wizard’s robes….ooops sorry, wrong blog!

    Nice one, man! The face of the mini even resembles the photo a bit. Funny how he puts on weight in the last 3 photos of figures you showed. Though I’m sure the last photo is the earliest figure. I like to think of it as the stress of the Empire getting to him though. ;D

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    • You’re channelling the douchebags on Reaper’s forum quite well there! Leading failed attempts to capture Skywalker is a stressful job, after all. Especially when you see your boss constantly executing your peers in the workplace. What a HR nightmare!

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    • Thanks mate – though I do like to get them as close as possible. Do you know the story about the Xenomorph costumes from Aliens being cockroach brown but having their hue changed to the familiar blue-black by the filming process?
      The hardest one to do (for me) would be Han’s Winter Jacket from ESB, if it ever came up. Actual-colour brown, or My-Whole-Life blue?


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