January 2019 – Terrain & Centrepiece Model Challenge: Personal Round-Up

At the end of the month, I ended up with 45 pieces completed in January. While my personal focus was on scenery, the second challenge was for “centrepiece” models – of which I have a good five that I had hoped to get stuck into and hopefully to complete at least a couple of them. In the centrepiece aspect then, my own effort was a resounding fail. (Plague Toads are cool and all, but they’re not centrepiece models!) Still, on the Scenery front, I did manage to finish 42 pieces, and while – again – I didn’t finish all I’d hoped to, it’s still a reasonable outcome.

I was especially happy to finally paint the Ruined Watchtower, and to finally complete the Battlescape and the Imperial Turrets. The Ork debris piles started off as a lot of fun, but eventually became a slog. Ah well. More terrain to come for February. I’ll get the Community Round-Up done ASAP – though it’s usually a few solid hours worth of work to compile, so it might not be until the weekend, so there may be a February model or two posted up first…

I also forgot to take some extra photos as I often do when the round-ups take up more space, as they do here – so in lieu of that, here’s Leonard instead!

20 thoughts on “January 2019 – Terrain & Centrepiece Model Challenge: Personal Round-Up

  1. That’s a lot of cool terrain! I’m a bit envious of the battlescape, as I would like to have one some day! Of course, even if I can’t get the original, how hard could it be to make your own wrecked Rhino…

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  2. A great amount of quality scenery is nothing to moan about mate, I know you wanted to do other centre pieces, but with the real life issues I think you had an amazing output that you should be proud of

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  3. Under the circumstances you knocked out a sizable bunch of great terrain and centerpieces. Kudos and hope life treats you and yours better. Nice looking feline, and he does not trigger my allergies this way so happy to see him.

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  4. Another impressive effort even if you discount the issues you’ve had. I managed 1 piece of Sector scenery and 1 monsterous tyranid. 😂

    Still, that KS to the challenge we have 1 more piece of scenery to use already and my second is on the hobby table for February.


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