Army Battle Bridge Set (January Terrain 2019)

So, we brought Dad home from the Hospital again on Friday afternoon, and so a life returns somewhat to what passes for “normal” these days, I spent a bit of time yesterday trying to catch up on people’s blog posts. Today I’ve been out in the shed taking some photos, so that I can bring January to a close and then move onto February’s stuff.

Back when Amazon US still delivered to Australia, I picked up four 2-packs of “Army Battle Bridge Set” – which are basically from the “PVC Toy Soldier” genre – since they were (reasonably) cheap – at least by Australian Standards. So in January, I finally got around to painting them. Pretty simple overall – I did three in bare (rusty) metal and two more in my custom “Necromunda Blue” spray. And then rusted them up a bit, too using washes and powders. I also edged four of them with some hazard stripe decals that I printed off, for more Necro-feels.

And here they are, as I’d use them. The new Sector Mechanicus terrain is very nice and all, but there’s always a place on my table for simple ramp-bridges that can be placed between any suitable elevated pieces. I need to finish off more of those! These also have the added benefit of being able to fit in with pretty much any game from WWII through moderns through to post-apoc and at a variety of scales – rather than looking like they really only fit into the 40k-verse.

This concludes my (belated) January posts. Next up will be my personal round-up, and then I’ll get the community round-up done as soon as I can…

18 thoughts on “Army Battle Bridge Set (January Terrain 2019)

  1. Glad to see things are getting back on track for y’all.

    And yeah, these are nice. Like a number of other things in the terrain category, they’re not fancy, but they look good, and seem very functional.

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    • Thanks Alexis. That’s all you want for something like this – something that doesn’t detract from other pieces with just enough paint on them to subtly enhance the things around (and on) them.


    • Thanks Angelos – hopefully he can give us a break from more trips to the hospital for awhile now(!)
      I kept three bridges aside (unpainted) so I can try some other variations. Well, if I can find them. I’m thinking maybe a couple in aged and rusted off-white next and the final one in a green. That will give both variation and/or options for a tabletop.


    • It was a political fight between them and our current Government that is in bed with a large outspoken retail owner. They added sales tax to low value imports from large places like eBay or Amazon with the expectation that overseas retailers should pay sales tax to the AU government. With the AU government being dicks, Amazon decided to be dicks in response, so their overseas sites blocked AU in protest, now forcing to use the much lower quality (higher prices, smaller selection) Amazon AU instead of being able to purchase from the US/UK/etc sites.

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  2. Those are ace! I just did a search on Amazon (US) and wasn’t able to spot them immediately. Never fear, I’ll take a deep dive soon and dredge them up from the depths. I love super cheap kits like this. You’ve done great work with them!


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