Quick update.

Q. Where’s the Community Round-up for January, you slack bastard?

A. Dad’s been in hospital again. Hopefully he comes out tomorrow or Monday. Blog posts will resume shortly afterwards. No need for “best wishes” and such – I know this little community well enough to know that they’re there whether they’re written here or not. 🙂

I’ve done a bit of reading and commenting, but haven’t felt up to post writing or photographing stuff, so hopefully next week I’ll be back up & running and can finish my January posts (just 1 to go, then my round-up, then the community one).

Warburton – let me know a way to contact you so I can send you the box list and we can sort out me sending them to you! (got the boxes of boxes down from the top shelf the other day)


10 thoughts on “Quick update.

  1. Well let me at least cheer you up by sending you some dwarf miniatures!!! Put your email on an older post of mine or something, I’ll contact you then get your address or PO Box and then boom I’ll send you free dwarves mate. 7 of them hehe. 😉👍🏼


  2. Cheers mate, I’ve been meaning to try to procure your email address but I’ve had my own issues going on for the last couple of weeks! Contact me at jackson kym gmail com Thanks!

    PS, since I’m writing this anyway – Best Wishes!


  3. You da man, Azazel, Leonard too. I churned out 82 minis in 2018 – personal best dwarfed by your excellent results.

    Keep on trucking


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