August 2021 – Personal Painting Round-Up

Plastic Soldier Company Battlefront 15mm Panzer III IV Tiger Company - Deutsches Afrikakorps/Panzerarmee Afrika for Flames of War 1/100 1:100

Here’s my belated painting round-up for August. Sure, it’s the last day of October, but you get what you pay for here at the Bitz Box. As you can easily see here, everything I painted in August was either a vehicle or terrain, and so it all counts (due to a generous challenge runner) towards Dave’s Season of Scenery challenge. I’ll have another round-up for Dave’s challenge tomorrow or the day after (I need to edit the photos and do all the typing, and it’s getting late).

Plastic Soldier Company Battlefront 15mm Panzer III IV Tiger Company - Deutsches Afrikakorps/Panzerarmee Afrika for Flames of War 1/100 1:100

These models represent the second major chunk of my Afrika Korps force, (as well as a couple of late-war models). Looking at things now, in Oct/Nov I see three more major(ish) updates for the DAK. Another chunk of armoured vehicles – though not as many as seen here – composing the scout section and a few more tanks to shore up these platoons, then some artillery/field guns/PAKs as well as a few more infantry to round things out to the current FoW rules, and then stuff that’s not readily available – which will be really when I get them and paint them, though I am keen to finish this force and add the full stop at the end of it, rather than leaving it to be an open-ended prospect as we wargamers so often do. I guess I’ll also decide whether to paint all those halftracks that I picked up when I was looking at an earlier Panzergrenadier list, so possibly four major updates before completion then. But in the meantime, I’ve switched projects slightly, so no more Germans for a little while…

All up, I painted 30 complete models, plus the two extra upper hulls/turrets of the Jagdpanthers/Panthers, so I’ll call them worth 1/2 each for a total of 31 for the time being. Due to all of those tiny 15mm infantry, I had 324 models painted at the end of July. Adding these August models in takes me to 355 for the year to date (as of Aug 31st, anyway!)

Next post, Dave’s Round-Up, and then onto September’s models I promise I’ll catch up to October’s models quickly!

18 thoughts on “August 2021 – Personal Painting Round-Up

  1. Excellent work getting all of these done! I’m even more impressed you managed to get so many of a similar kind of miniature done. I need a bit of variety in my painting so it’d be tough for me to paint so many tanks in a month, I’d imagine!

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    • Thanks mate. It can certainly be tedious, and it’s not nearly as interesting as painting one-offs, but it’s certainly satisfying to get a unit complete – whether it’s German Panzers or Space Marines. 🙂

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