Saying bye to a good part of my collection! (Reblog) – Túbal Villar selling, not Azazel. :)

Not me selling off any of my models – but talented artist and blog-friend Túbal Villar is selling off part of his collection, so I thought I’d offer a signal boost for him – check out his models, and if they strike your fancy, then mayhap check them out on the eBay!

Túbal Villar - Virakotxa

Death Guard auction.

Indomitus Primaris auction.

I’m selling more stuff… It’s bitter-sweet, but clearly necessary! It will help me keep moving forward, both with hobby-cash and physical room to display them. Last time I tried with the Nurgle Daemons and Orks, but it didn’t work out. Not for a lack of trying! And I have to thank this community of bloggers, we got here, for some heart-worming shout-outs, then! This other lots seem more attractive, apparently!

Missus is ecstatic about it, also. She’s really NOT into Nurgle.

I admit parting with the Indomitus Mentors was not an easy choice… But I imagined they could feel current and catch some eyes. So far, so good!

I just might have gone ahead and joined a team to participate in my first mini-GT of 40K… I mean… the hubris! After just two casual friendly games! In my whole life! (There are some really…

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