I AM THE LAW! Mongoose Emerald Isle Judge “MacO’Conihoonihan” #Fembruary 2022

Mongoose Publishing Emerald Isle Judge "MacO’Conihoonihan"

Following on from the recent set of old-school Citadel Judges I painted as part of Dave Stone’s Paint What You Got challenge when he mentioned that some people had decided to paint Judge Dredd models as well, I thought I’d keep going with a few more of my own. This Emerald Isle judge hails from the sadly short-lived Mongoose Publishing range of Judge Dredd figures. And.. uh. Huh. I might have something to do in uploading some images to the Lost Minis Wiki… Anywhoo… ss the other Judges I painted were started and inspired by that challenge, Old Judge MacO’Conihoonihan here was painted as a model for Fembruary. I’m not entirely sure if Alex over at Leadbaloony is “officially” running Fembruary this year, but regardless, I’ve been working on some models for it.

Not that we should need an “event” to paint female models of course, but given that I paint all sorts of stuff anyway it’s a good chance to make a specific pivot to paint a few more models that I wouldn’t have usually worked on – and a good chance to make myself complete some others that have sat half-painted for some time – some of those in later post(s)!

Mongoose Publishing Emerald Isle Judge "MacO’Conihoonihan"

While I feel like I’ve read a lot of Judge Dredd stories over the years, given the sheer amount written and published over the decades I also haven’t read a lot of the Dredd stories. That “the” is pretty important to distinguish the meanings between those two sentences! And among those that I have never read are the stories dealing with the Emerald Isle, or Ireland, or Eire, or, perhaps in this case – Oireland as so elequently put by Sho3box when he shared this same model in a post some time ago. If you love cringe-inducing “Oirishness”, please do take the time (2mins) to watch the below “highlight” video of Becky Lynch’s first match in WWE/NXT (WWF for you old-timers!) Make sure you also have the volume up!

It’s got Foighting Oirish! It’s got Riverdance! It’s got Diddly-Diddly-Diddly! More cringe than you could cringe a cringe at. Thankfully, old Becks has come a looooong way since then.

I also took the name of Judge MacO’Conihoonihan from Sho3box’s post – which could be his own piss-take, or certainly well could be a legit name of a Judge Dredd character!