I AM THE LAW! Citadel JD series Judge Dredd, Judge Hershey & Mega-City Judges

Citadel JD series Judge Dredd Miniatures. Judge Dress V2, JD4 Judge Hershey, Judge Gallagher, Judge Bambra, Mega-City Judges

I’ve had these figures since the late 1980’s, they’ve been painted and stripped twice (enamels, then early acrylics) and have been sitting in a zip-lock bag in a figure box for the last decade or more. When I saw that Dave Stone’s current challenge also had a group of people painting Judge Dredd/Mega-City One models, I decided to dig into my own models and pick a few out. Now, I don’t have any of the most Recent Warlord Games models, and while I DO have most of the Mongoose Judge line, a few from Wargames Foundry and the odd special model (Mars Attacks, Minty) – I also found these. I did also have Anderson, a Brit-Cit judge on bike and Judge Death from the early Citadel line, but they may be lost to time.

Citadel JD series Judge Dredd Miniatures. Judge Dress V2, JD4 Judge Hershey, Judge Gallagher, Judge Bambra, Mega-City Judges

The four Judges from (our) left to right are Judge Hershey, Gallagher, Dredd (v.2) and Bambra – who appears to have been sculpted to be leaning on a bike or something. In the end and after a slightly rough start, I really enjoyed painting these. The biggest issue that they caused was wanting to immediately grab out another four of them to work on once I completed them – and I have SO many other models to paint. That’s the beauty of these challenges and even sub-challenges. I’m hoping Dredd makes a cameo in a future challenge so I can have an impetus to gran a few more of them. 🙂

I’m just throwing in my palette for the green and the gold in here – mostly for my own future reference! 🙂

23 thoughts on “I AM THE LAW! Citadel JD series Judge Dredd, Judge Hershey & Mega-City Judges

    • Cheers, Warburton! These were some of my very early models, so it’s nice to get them painted up. I’m not sure how many of the WGF ones I have, but I know there’s a few of them at least…

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  1. I really like it when people “recycle” the old figures since there is so much nostalgia in being reminded of a time when a few simple figures were the core of our experience. (Mainly before jobs and disposable income).

    And I like that it increasingly looks like you have managed to keep most of the figures from that time…your “lead pile” must be a great walk through the past.

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    • I really do think so many of the older models stuill hold up very well. Not all of them, mind, but I’n certainly not one of those “that model was released five years ago – it’s OLD” people. 😀
      I’ve got SO many of my old models still here – the hard part is balancing getting those painted alongside the newer – and then models speciofically for games I’m playing/wanting to play – whether those are 15mm tanks or PVC Zombiepocalype survivors!
      I need to get some more old Jes sculpts painted. Show these digital kids something about design, skill and proportion! 😉

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  2. A journey into the distant past, which is always a good experience … And these massive old school judges are still fascinating. Thanks also for your palette of colours… especially for the green, with which we are fighting – and for now losing – just these days!

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    • Very welcome! The green in the Judge uniform is quite a different and somewhat desaturated one compared to most of my green paints – not much yellow or brown in them, relatively speaking. Took awhile to find something appropriate!


    • Thanks mate! The posing and proportions aren’t the best, but they’re also pretty small compared to most modern models, so getitng those details in is still pretty impressive in my book. 🙂

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