February Painting Suggestion Poll – Vote!

Also, I googled “pole” (with safesearch on, mind you) looking for a perhaps-amusing image to append to this post. I recommend you do the same. But perhaps not from work…

6 thoughts on “February Painting Suggestion Poll – Vote!

    • Thanks mate. Hopefully we get a bit of reduction in the heat we’ve got going right now so I can actually get some painting done – the last week has been rough in terms of working on models and subsequently completing anything…


      • If only the weather would agree with our painting schedules! I’m in the middle of the US with the opposite problem – I’m waiting until we get above freezing next week to get outside and spray paint a base layer on some vehicles.

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    • Haha thanks Mark – no chance of those in February as I don’t have the models and have a (slightly) more rigid production queue for 15mm (and a couple of things already set for next up) but perhaps later this year…

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