January 2022 – Personal Painting Round-Up, “Paint What You Got” Challenge Round-Up

January! The month where annual leave happens! Where it can be horribly hot, or just nice and warm. When a lot of models might get painted, or just a few. On the painting front at least, January was a productive and successful month as I got a fair few things completed.

A good chunk of the models were 18 simple boardgame models from Shadows of Brimstone, with a side of prettying-up of 10 bits of prepainted scenery – just walls in this case. I also got a few less-simple boardgame models done – 8 of sculpts from the Zombicide boardgames as well as 6 from Fantasy Flight’s Journeys in Middle-Earth – good models in terms of produciton quality, but in this case, 4 rather cartoony sculpts, one that’s a bit more middling, and just one that I really quite like.

Then there’s the German armour – 14 Panzers to reorganise and supplement the ones I’d already painted last year as well as 7 Armoured Cars across a few variants. Add to that one certain Marvel model to continue the WWII German theme, some “old”-school metals (not to me, but whatever) in the form of four 90’s Blood Bowl models, and some properly old-school models in the foursome of Mega-City Judges from the mid-1980’s.

All in all, a pretty productive month. Obviously helped by annual leave, nice enough weather, and – oh yeah – the fact that I was still on crutches for most of it – so I wasn’t wasting my precious painting time by leaving the house to go and do anything in the outside world… My total fo January 2022 was 71 models. Not too shabby, I have to say. February’s numbers are right down from that with a return to walking and so things like not being on leave, working on-site, going to the gym and fun stuff like getting home from work and crashing out with no painting. You know, regular life stuff.

Now obviously, all of the January models up top count for Dave Stone’s Paint What You Got Challenge, but that challenge actually started on Boxing Day (26th December for those unfamiliar) – so aside from those January models, there’s also these! A reasonable little batch I weathered, painted and completed in those final 6 days of December 2021…