July 2022 – Personal Painting Round-Up

Today we have the July Round-Up! Somehow July appears to have been quite a productive month for my painting, with a few “sets” of things completed.

These were largely painted “across” each other’s painting  sessions, as I typically flit from one project to another, so I’ll just list them in no particular order. The first of these is the beginning of my Mid-War Eastern Front German force, with 9 StuG III assault guns and 6 Panzer IIs – though many of these could also be used in Western Europe well before Barbarossa, so when this force is completed it might possibly also work for an Early Ear force if I remove the later elements and Panzer variants.

I also painted up the entirety of Massive Darkness II’s 3D “Hellscape” pack – 22 pieces of boardgame token, most of which could be used as scatter terrain or detail deco in various wargames. Following that I also painted two Bridges from the same game, though it still leaves a pile of other similar 3d terrain junk yet to paint of course – that stuff never ends!

I also got started on the finishing of my second Blood Bowl team – my Khemri-inspired Undead, getting the Ghouls and the “cross-bench” Zombies finished. Still lots more players to go before that team’s completed, though!

I had one more Zombicide Survivor that just missed the June line, so he was seen quiote some time ago. I kinda needed a break from painting Survivors (and Zombvivors, and so decided to paint half of my Runners from the core set. The 12 models sat on the desk for quiiite some time until I finally forced myself to get then done over a weekend, and I’m actually pretty happy with them in that context – boardgame kill-fodder that now looks a hell of a lot better than the formerly-grey plastic! This just left me with the second dozen Runners to have all of them done – or so I thought….

As I’d enjoyed working on the Minotaur and Mordor Troll in previous months, I decided to paint a model sitting in my Ogre pile, the RPE “Ice Troll”, and followed that up by forcing myself to complete a very old C23 Ogre Warrior Priest. I also kept chipping away at the Last Chancers by finishing another pair of them – after Animal who got completed just over the June/July line, like Derek from Zombicide, mentioned above.

…and then on the final day of the month, I managed to complete the War Oliphant from the Journeys in Middle-Earth board game. All up, I managed to finish off 57 models in the month, ranging from detailed characer infantry to some throwaway-tier boardgame stuff to some actually quite nice boardgame stuff to 15mm armour. I’m pretty happy with that effort – both in scope and quantity (and even quality, generally speaking!) Combining July’s 57 to the 206 up to the end of June gives me 263 models painted at July’s close. Not bad, but of course, still lots to go!