Archon Studios Dungeons and Lasers: Woodhaven – “Stone Town Stairs Set” – Review

Archon Studios Dungeons and Lasers: Woodhaven - "Stone Town Stairs Set"

A second set from my pledge in the Dungeons and Lasers Woodhaven Kickstarter, another of the smaller kits I was able to assemble and paint them quickly for Dave Stone’s annual Season of Scenery challenge. Added an updated pic with weathering with pigments and moss effects – added when I went back and added more after “finishing” them (and posting) earlier.

Archon Studios Dungeons and Lasers: Woodhaven - "Stone Town Stairs Set"

Here they are when I finioshed them the first time. I go by the completed date of the models for these things rather than blog post date because varnishing is weather-dependant and photography and blog post writing are dependant on how fucked I am after work, so I’ve still got a couple more things to post…

Archon Studios Dungeons and Lasers: Woodhaven - "Stone Town Stairs Set"

Again, these stairs were a €5.00 add-on, and came in this small, thin box. Inside, one fairly simple sprue.

Archon Studios Dungeons and Lasers: Woodhaven - "Stone Town Stairs Set"

Once clipped, you’ve got enough bits to make two small stairs and two small platforms – both with a footprint of 25mm square. I’ve push-fit one of each together here

Archon Studios Dungeons and Lasers: Woodhaven - "Stone Town Stairs Set"

s with the wooden stairs, I purchased two sets. Again I’m showing the small stairs and the platforms both as built, and also joined up as in the box renders. To finish, I glued both of my sets as seen on the box art, so I can use them as two smaller sets of double stairs, or shove them all together for a more Warhammer-sized set of single steps…

Archon Studios Dungeons and Lasers: Woodhaven - "Stone Town Stairs Set", AK Interactive Eastcast Texture Medium

Before painting, I textured these with AK Interactive’s “Easycast Texture Medium. I just dab it on with an old brush and it basically does the same job that many of us were relying on Liquid Greenstuff for (since it’s useless for gap filling!) so the super-smooth plastic stone now has a roughed up texture.

Archon Studios Dungeons and Lasers: Woodhaven - "Stone Town Stairs Set"

These stone steps don’t allow for the “climbing stairs” thing with bases wedged into a little gap, due to the lack of a little gap. I felt they looked a little plain solely in the drybrushed greys, so I added a couple of other stone variations in there. As you can see from the final pic, once again, they look …fine. They’re clearly made to work with a 25mm grid, and so are more oriented towards D&D with minis rather than fantasy miniature wargames that often tend to go a bit bigger with their bases these days, but they do work for models on 32mm bases when glued together so the top step enlarges the platform.

Archon Studios Dungeons and Lasers: Woodhaven - "Stone Town Stairs Set"

I think the Kickstarter price for them of €5.00 was fair, and again, truthfully about as much as I’d be willing to pay for them. Like the wooden stairs, they’re smaller than I’d hoped they would be, and as such are going to just kind of be there for my own gaming purposes as something to “drop in” to various games. They did at least paint up quicly and easily as I got them from primed black to finished (Just Need(ing) Varnish) over Monday evening after work.

24 thoughts on “Archon Studios Dungeons and Lasers: Woodhaven – “Stone Town Stairs Set” – Review

    • Yeah, between the cold (not covid) that I’ve had on and off for the last month, doping myself up with antihistamines so I can go to work without symptoms and then trying to counter the drowsiness with caffiene so I can function – and then the weather that’s not been condusive to spraying most days due to cold or rain (or it’s too late/dark when I get home to spray outside) it’s been a bitch of a time lately trying to get stuff done!

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    • No problems with delivery. Fedex is fast & reliable while also always being expensive, so adds significantly to the cost of the campaign. If not for that, I’d probably be tempted to go in again with the pledge manager for another lot of models…

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  1. Excellent work on the stairs mate, the different colour stones add interest to the pieces. No worries on getting the other posts up mate, as I leave a bit of time for people to finish posting before doing the roundup.

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  2. I really like how they turned out, no doubt due to your texturing and brushwork! Too bad they don’t offer them in 32mm for people who are using that scale. I guess they are aiming more for dungeon crawlers and RPGs, in which case you’d have tons of walls, floors, etc. and space would be an issue…so smaller is better.

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    • Thanks mate. I might add some weathering powder to them once I finish up another model from that Archon range (maybe this weekend, if I actually get started!) They work ok for 32mm, etc, though yeah their main focus is obviously 25mm grid-based RPG gaming…

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  3. Ha, I completely agree on Liquid Green Stuff. I’ve tried and never been able to get the stuff to work. I like these even better than the wooden ones you just finished and I think its because of the texture and paint job you gave it. These look great and should spice up any battlefield. Excellent work, mate and I hope the weather gives you a chance to varnish them soon too!

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    • Thanks mate – the wooden ones are pretty plain, though I’m thinking that moss and some weathering powders might have to make an appearance on both those and this set as well, so I might end up tacking them onto a later post once they’re (re)done…

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