WarCry: Log Bridges, WarCry Catacombs: Wooden Bridges, Dirty Down Moss Weathering Effects

War Cry: Log Bridges, Dirty Down Moss Weathering Effect Paint

Although we’re solidly into September by now, I’m posting some models that were “finished” in August, and then worked on further in September – so these may or may not qualify for Dave Stone’s annual Season of Scenery challenge. I’ll explain. Across all of my various War Cry sets, I decided to start painting the terrain, beginning with these spiky, lashed-together bridges. Between the two sculpts. it turned out that I’ve got a dozen of the things, and cleaning up the mould lines on them wasn’t fun. Regardless, I managed to do so and got them painted.

War Cry: Log Bridges, Dirty Down Moss Weathering Effect Paint

The recipe – for my own future reference and anyone else interested – spray black, drybrush vallejo Game Colour Charred Brown, drybrush Vallejo Model Colour 70987 Medium Grey. Paint the ropes a 50-50 mix of VGC Bonewhite & Vallejo Panzer Aces 70.825 German Camo Pale Brown (aka I just grabbed two colours I had to hand and mixed until I was happy, then did it again for each batch). Paint the log ends and sharpened stakes VMC 70.918 Ivory. Wash the whole effing thing in a 1:1:1 mix of Army Painter Dark Tone, AP Strong Tone and Green Stuff World Master Medium (it’s a bit thicker than Lahmian – and much cheaper!). Then spray varnish once dry. Done. Dusted. With more than a week left of September.

BUT. I knew I had some of that Dity Down stuff that all the kids are talking about these days on the way in the post, and I thought that these wooden bridges would be an ideal place to try them out. So I waited. And waited. And finally they arrived, on the 7th of September. That’s yesterday.

War Cry: Log Bridges, Dirty Down Moss Weathering Effect Paint

So yesterday evening and last night, after catching up on the last half of All Out and then while listening to reports and reactions to the fallout of the Civil War in AEW, I went over the log bridges and some other stuff with the Moss Effect. This is an example of how it turned out. I …quite like it.

War Cry: Log Bridges, Dirty Down Moss Weathering Effect Paint

Earlier today, I varnished the bridges on their undersides (I’d gone much heavier on the undersides) to see how they’d turn out. Turns out that this particular Water Soluble product behaves pretty similarly to Weathering Powders when being spray varnish – in that it’s not really a fan – leaving only the heaviest and deepest parts with any colour. Well, that’s why I tested it on these (and the other stuff you’ll see here).

War Cry Catacombs: Wooden Bridges, Dirty Down Moss Weathering Effect Paint

When painting the Archon Wooden Stairs the other day, I also knocked out the much shorter War Cry Catacombs wooden bridges. I also held off on posting these (despite the Season of Scenery) because I wanted to see how they’d turn out with Moss Effects alongside weathering pigments (added post-varnish). The underside of these got sprayed with varnish alongside the log bridges, and you can see how the sides are all pretty black – the green on them has pretty much melted away with the varnishing.

War Cry: Log Bridges, Dirty Down Moss Weathering Effect Paint, Archon Studios Dungeons and Lasers: Woodhaven – “Wooden Town Stairs Set”

After covering the bridges in Moss effects, I also decided to bring those Archon Wooden Stairs back inside and give them the Moss treatment. Again it dulled the effects right down once varnished. I still added Liquid Weatheirng pigment afterwards and I think it improves these stairs immensely for not too much extra work – even with the toned-down moss as seen here.

War Cry Catacombs: Wooden Bridges, Dirty Down Moss Weathering Effect Paint, Archon Studios Dungeons and Lasers: Woodhaven – “Stone Town Stairs Set”

Finally, I also did the same with the Archon Stone Stairs. The moss looked great initially, and after varnishing it merely looked good. Again, adding weathering pigments as a final touch lifted them back up a little more. These are all pretty low-tier bits of terrain, so I feel no need to go back and try to make them perfect or anything. They’re all certainly good enough for the table! I’ll certainly keep playing with this stuff and noting things in my posts as I learn new things about it for the next little while.

I am considering whether to try out the Moss effect on the Beastgrave Lair pieces… any thoughts?

This concludes my Season of Scenery, though there are also naturally a bunch of unfinished projects that will tricle out over the coming months. I’m thinking that perhaps instead of a three month Season of Scenery we perhaps have two of them per year. The existing July-Aug and then maybe Dec-Jan? (when us Southern Hemisphericals have nice spraying weather, good light, long days and time off work!) It’d also give people a break and time to get revved up again. Whddaya think, Dave and others? 😀

32 thoughts on “WarCry: Log Bridges, WarCry Catacombs: Wooden Bridges, Dirty Down Moss Weathering Effects

  1. The moss work looks awesome, and was well worth the extra effort mate. as for challenges, I already have the paint what you got challenge at the end of December/ January, which I could make 2 months and does include scenery.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thanks Dave! It’s bloody rare that I get to painting something shortly after aquiring it (to my shame!) so that would certainly work (as would three midyear next year – it’d start before the rainy and full-on winter illness season here, too!)

      Liked by 2 people

  2. The moss adds a really nice bit of life to these terrain pieces. The bark looks great too and lends a very realistic looking appearance to it all.

    What is going on in AEW is crazy as well. I really like CM Punk but him coming back maybe hasn’t been the best thing for him and his career. He looks bad right now and he can’t stop getting injured it seems like too. It will be interesting to see where all this goes from here…

    Liked by 5 people

    • Honestly the whole lot of them aren’t looking good right now. From Punk to the EVPs to Page and especially Tony.
      Even Meltzer and the internet dirtsheets have a hand in it being fed tidbits behind the scenes.
      Brian Last kept saying over the last quite a few months that people aren’t happy with the way the Elite handle themselves in the company but are scared to speak because of job security…

      Liked by 2 people

      • That is fair, mate. Tony looks like he has little to no control over this situation. I think Kenny Omega is a fantastic wrestler but I could see him being arrogant and hard to deal with at the same time. I think Punk isn’t the easiest to get along with either despite all his talent and experience. WWE seems to be really improving so the heat is going to be on AEW for the next few months anyway.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Kenny’s “80%” speech really isn’t a good look, though I do agree that Punk has a history as a prickly character, it’s interesting to see how the IWC has turned on him when there’s a whole lot of people at blame. I’d really recommend listening to Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru 260 if/when you have a chance.
        Jim is solidly on Punk’s side as you’d guess, but there’s some interesting points and counter-points to the Elite’s POV being pushed by Meltzer and all of the other podcasts that parrot their news from Dave and SRS (and often, opinions from Dave..)

        Liked by 1 person

      • That is a good point. There may not be any heroes in this one! I’ll give it a listen. I’ve never really listened to Cornette before even though I know who he is very well. Thanks for the recommendation and the wrestling talk, mate! 🙂

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      • The main thing I’ll say about Cornette is that all the accusations of him being everything-ist and everything-phobic are an easy way to marginalise what he says. If you listen to him in long-form, it’s pretty easy to see where he stands on those topics and how consistent he is. It’s also pretty easy to see who he dislikes and hates in those same terms. The IWC twitter narrative is based on people parroting each other, taking snippets out of context and extrapolating things like him not liking Sonny Kiss as a wrestler to = transphobe (despite him having no problems with Nyla Rose) or Mox vs Effy being bullshit as homophobia (despite Cornette loving The Acclaimed). It’s not about what a person is, it’s about how they present as a legitimate-looking pro wrestler.
        He’s not too forgiving about people wrestling dolls, though. Even if it’s in a small promotion in Japan.
        Huh. That turned out longer than I expected it to!


    • Yeah, it was helped a lot in this instance by both the texture on the logs and the moss effect. I’ve got a ton more WC pieces in this series to get through, but they’re pretty painful to work on, so progress is slow….

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