Zombicide 1st Edition, Season 3: Barricades

Zombicide 1st Edition, Season 3: 3D Pack Barricades

Just a quickie today. We’re completely into September’s models now, and so I’ve got a couple of pieces that I started several years ago, dug out (ok, found part-painted in a tub and decided to finish) for Dave Stone’s annual Season of Scenery challenge, didn’t get done in time, though now I’ve completed them and can get them the hell out of here and into the War Room. Hopefully I’ll get a whole bunch of other stuff I started/found done as well in the next few weeks and clear some space to start newer projects and models.

Zombicide 1st Edition, Season 3: 3D Pack Barricades

They’re pretty simple, small pieces, though they are actually pretty nice. They’d work well enough in any modern or post-apoc setting from Crisis Protocol to Zona Alfa. They are a little small, as noted – but they’re made to fit a certain sized space on a boardgame tile, so I certainly can’t complain there. They came in a pack filled with a whole bunch of 3D doors that open and close – the sort of thing that works well as a game aid but are completely uninteresting as things to paint. I used a little touch of the Dirty Down Rust effect on them here and there as well to try out – I’ll be going harder with it in some later pieces of terrain.

Zombicide 1st Edition, Season 3: 3D Pack Barricades

I’ll get August’s round-up done in a week or so. Busy, tired and need to do a bunch of cleaning up before I can get to clearing the desk once again.

19 thoughts on “Zombicide 1st Edition, Season 3: Barricades

    • Got them in the Zombicide Season 3 Kickstarter. I know that the “3D pack” that they came from hit retail so there would be some out there, but it does also have a bunch of doors that may or may not be useful to you as well…

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  1. These came out really well, mate, and I like the design of these barriers. It really looks like they just grabbed whatever they could and improvised which fits the post-apocalypse perfectly. This is getting me inspired to get back to making Fallout terrain which is motivation I can always use more of too! 🙂

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  2. Those mattresses are pretty awesome, though I wouldn’t want to sleep on them! Nice painting on them, they look pretty damned real.
    Did I miss a post where you mentioned this “rust effect”? It’s looking pretty good!

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