Massive Darkness 2: Hellscape Bridges

Massive Darkness 2: Hellscape Bridges

Four years ago (holy shit! but then – I guess we had the 2 years of Pandemic lockdowns – so in the latter “before times” I painted the bridges from Massive Darkness 1. I still haven’t played that game, but now I have the bridges from Massive Darkness 2 to show, as I painted them in July..

Massive Darkness 2: Hellscape Bridges, Reaper Miniatures 50153 Berkeley Zombie Survivor

These were sp[rayed black and almost entirely drybrushed, with the exception of the dirtying-up of the stone part of this demonic-appearing bridge. The sides are drybrushed from the black primer through several reds and into bone. Again, a good opportunity to try something new on a model that hardly needs to be perfect. This is also the final model I completed in July for the first month of Dave Stone’s annual Season of Scenery challenge. I haven’t yet got anything finished in August, so hopefully I can get a few more things done in time!

Massive Darkness: Bridges

Massive Darkness Bridge Scenery

Tom Bombadil and Goldberry ponder the lack of a river near this bridge.

Not much to say here. While poking around the boxes of Kickstarter junk while cleaning up recently I found a whote box I picked up from the Massive Darkness Kickstarter contining Doors & Bridges. The doors look like a bit of work while the bridges looked like very little work. Can you guess which ones got fished out and painted?

Massive Darkness Bridge Scenery

I did find them a bit too clean and plain, so I did the Liquid Greenstuff Texture trick (just dab the crap on to a smooth surface to create some texture), and also gave a bit of hint of a green tone around the underside and edges, to suggest mould due to moisture. While these were painted in July, they’re clearly far from Jewels. But they’ll work ok whenever we eventually play MD (sometime after Imperial Assault, I’d say) as well as in various other wargames. Maybe not Kill Team, but they’d certainly be fine for Middle-Earth Battle Companies!