HQ Resin: Space Colony Barricades – Polish Resin #9

HQ Resin: Space Colony Barricades

Now this is a post series that’s been dormant for some time! I’ll just recycle this text from my last post… (it’ll all make sense pretty quickly!)

HQ Resin: Space Colony Barricades

̶L̶a̶s̶t̶ ̶Y̶e̶a̶r̶ three years ago, after seeing some impressive Not-Shadespire terrain on mcmattillaminis site, I got all excited and asked him where he got them, and then went to the website to order myself a set or two of those models! Well, as so often happens with some of these small places, the promised despatch time for *cough* “in-stock” items blew out by several weeks and then when they eventually got here, some of the enthusiasm had dulled. So while I started a bunch of ruins shortly afterward, nothing has yet gotten to the point of completion. I did however manage to get a few models from the little baggie of freebies they gave me to apologise for the slow despatch (after several of my “uh… you said a few days 2 weeks ago?”-type emails). This Barricade usually comes as part of a larger set in the “HQ Resin” line. The mesh cutout on the “Rhino doors” part of the barricade isn’t repeated on the back, so I had to paint one in. I’ll have to add a line down the middle as well so that the carpet matches the drapes, so to speak…

HQ Resin: Space Colony Barricades

Basically, this thing sat around from when I received it until very recently, when I sprayed it, then pulled my finger out and painted it. It’s a nice little piece. A simple one and very much in the vein of what most hobbyists can make themselves, but regardless – it’s a pretty good bit of terrain.

13 thoughts on “HQ Resin: Space Colony Barricades – Polish Resin #9

  1. Shame about the delivery time, if I ever have a delay, always try to email the customer to let them know in advance. What you’ve done with it is excellent, nicely weathered and great work on matching the front with paint.

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    • Yeah, I’m not too fussed about it now – several years later – but it’s the sort of thing that does give you pause when doing the “should I buy from here again?” down the line. At least they were nice enough to offer a meaningful Mea Culpa. A lot of places don’t do nearly that much or even respond, unfortunately.

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  2. Why does Poland have the resin terrain and bits and bobs corner of the wargaming market cornered?! I always end up ordering from one of the many Polish companies when I need stuff like this because they inevitably have the best stuff or the biggest selection. I can imagine it takes a long time to get from Poland to Oz though, unfortunately… With that said, I really like this piece of terrain. Its a nice looking barricade that looks organic and believable. Your paint job is excellent as well too!

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