Zombicide 1st Edition: Zombie Runners, Part 3 – Complete (Again!)

Zombicide 1st Edition: Zombie Runners, Hasslefree

Awhile back, I finished (what I thought was) the last set of Zombicide 1st Edition Runners in our collection. That was until we (well, Marouda) found a little cache with more models – including even more of these Runners! Now sometimes finding more models can be great – because “free models”, right? On the other hand, finding another batch of models that you (thought) that you juuuust finished can be …kinda annoying.

Zombicide 1st Edition: Zombie Runners Zombicide 1st Edition: Zombie Runners

So what could I do? I just had to knuckle down and paint the damned things. So I did that. And here they are. In terms of interesting shorts and references, I’ve just got two of them this time. The runnr in the top image that’s about to eat Simon Pegg’s cricket bat is based on… Simon Pegg?

Credit to Dave Stone for ponting that one out in the past, and then reminding me. Dave, as it also happens is the gent running the Apocalypse Me painting challenge for November, which these Zombies will qualify for.

Zombicide 1st Edition: Zombie Runners Zombicide 1st Edition: Zombie RunnersThere’s one other reference on the back of that Runner’s hoodie jacket. Look closely…

Zombicide 1st Edition: Zombie Runners

Yep, he may have taken off his pants but hasn’t yet done so for his jacket. It’s a little rough, but it shows I’ll be able to replicate that particular logo on a model I care a bit more about down the line.

And that gives me another 10 zombies done – and finally all of my standard (First Edition) Runners. One other thing that stands out a bit with this batch is the amount of palette-sharing between models. I don’t think this will be an issue as once I’ve got my monthly round-up photo taken, these 10 will be mixed in with the other 2 dozen-odd runners, making them seem much less repetitive.

Now I’ll have to get started on the Toxic Runners shortly, but I have a few other Zombies I’ve gotten painted in October, so stay tuned for the next post with my last few Zomb-tastic odds and ends condensed into one post before the round-up!

18 thoughts on “Zombicide 1st Edition: Zombie Runners, Part 3 – Complete (Again!)

  1. I’m with you – I’d be bloody annoyed if I thought I’d finished a batch, only to find a couple of minis missed… 😂
    Well done on being so zen & getting them done – they look fab!

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  2. Wonderful work on all mate, they look very effective, and great that you could get through the found extra mini’s as it could have been a stumbling block. Thanks for the shout out, but it was your wonderful painting on all your Zombies that inspired me.

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    • Thanks Dave! I did need to get myself a win on the prison guard models before being able to face them, and then worked on them alongside the first few of the next set (see tomorrow’s post) to be able to get them done.. 🙂

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  3. Nice work! Can I ask what paint and brand you used for the pale zombie flesh on some of these runners? I recently gave Vallejo’s pale flesh paint a go but found it pastier than I like.

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    • Thanks Chris!
      I tend to use whatever pale, desaturated flesh/sand/grey/green tones I have to hand. Some examples are:
      Model Air Sand
      Model Air Radome Tan
      Model Colour Buff
      Model Colour Light Green Grey
      Model Colour Silver Grey

      After that, I just wash them with something (thinned) from:
      Contrast Poxwalker
      Army Painter Purple Tone
      Contrast Skeleton Horde
      Contrast Magos Purple
      Contrast Volpus Pink
      Green Stuff World Goth Flesh (first time using in this batch – didn’t need thinning)

      After using a not-purple, I’ll often come back and add a tiny bit of thinned purple to the hands, faces, or other bits to give a bit of an inconsistent skin tone. Any light brown or purple or green washes/contrasts you have should work in different combinations – just remember to thin them down.

      The thinned washes/contrasts do a lot of the heavy lifting over the desaturated base colours, and slightly “off” skin tones work well for me because zombies and I like them to have variation. VMC Pale flesh should look fine with one of these washes over the top.

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    • Thanks Pete! Prety much just making sure you use an entirely different palette on them. Of course, it’s also easier when they’re just fodder and not hero models so you tend not to look TOO closely at them when using them on the tabletop…

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  4. I’m in the camp of finding more of things you thought you were done is annoying but the upside is that these look great and who knows, maybe a really frenetic game of Zombicide will make you really glad (and relieved) that you have these ready to hit the table! 🙂

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