Zombicide 2nd Edition: Urban Legends Abomination Pack Pt.1 – Area 51 Alien & Chupacabra.

Zombicide 2nd Edition: Urban Legends Abomination Pack Pt.1 - Area 51 Alien, Chupacabra.

Also in November, I started on a pair of Zombicide 2nd Edition models, mostly because I felt like painting something different to the Bog-standard Zombies and Berserkers that I’ve spent so much time on over the past few months and basicaly, because I liked the look of the box when sorting through my unpainted boardgame and Zombicide stuff. Out of the four models in the box, the two that were easiest to paint got finished pretty quickly (naturally) while the second pair still sit primed and based on my desk, waiting for the motivation to hit me.

Zombicide 2nd Edition: Urban Legends Abomination Pack Pt.1 - Area 51 Alien, Chupacabra.

I did find that the plain bases at this size looked WAY too plain without any texture and just paint, so I tried something new – I thinned down some Citadel Stirland Mud to see how it would turn out as a looser texture for ashphalt, and it turned out… pretty good, I reckon. It’s actually a little more subtle in hand than in these photos and I now have a new “recipe” – for larger models at least as I’ve got no interest or plans to go back and redo all of the human-sized Zombicide models I’ve painted over the years…

20 thoughts on “Zombicide 2nd Edition: Urban Legends Abomination Pack Pt.1 – Area 51 Alien & Chupacabra.

  1. These look excellent mate, and the base mix looks perfect as well, certainly more interesting than your basic Z until you get your hands on them of course with all your epic freehand.

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  2. Both came out really nicely and I like the basing too. Is the alien supposed to be a zombie? It is interesting how sinewy it looks. Its definitely scarier looking than the X-Files ones! Do you know what these minis do in the game? I don’t know Zombicide well since I’ve never played it but I’m still curious 🙂

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    • Thanks Kuribo! I’m assuming that it’s not a Zombie since there’s several Abominations in 2nd edition that are other types of monsters (and undead) from Mythological, Folklore and Movie/Pop Culture sources. The sinewey look would be having it based on the Guillotine Games’ artwork style.

      I actually don’t know what these two do ingame – I haven’t cracked the shrinkwrap on their little card deck yet since we’re still playing through the 1st edition content. They’ve been adding lots of little special rule tweaks to all the (many) different Abomination types in the new edition.

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  3. Oh yea, I like that Area 51 alien and you painted him up significantly creepy! Could also be used in other games. I really like the texture on the bases, something I’ve been aiming for. I’ll have to give a go at thinning some of the different texture pastes I have. I’m guessing just add water?

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    • Yeah, it’s a nice model and could fit into a bunch of other things. A lot more of the newer Zombicide stuff seems like it could fit into other genres and games, really.
      I used the Woodland Scenics “Asphalt topcoat” paint that I use for ..erm.. ashphalt to thin it, mostly to make it easier to paint over the top of it.
      Regardless, I’d say that using some sort of paint would be better than water for both maintaining adhesion and “thickness” in the application. Just use a paint that’s close to how you’ll be overpainting the texture and you should be golden.

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