Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game – “Zombicide Mode” Survivors Pt.1 – Johnny, Harry, Ben, Judy & Karen

Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game Miniatures - "Zombicide Mode" Survivors Pt.1 - Johnny, Harry, Ben, Judy & Karen

Painting all those walkers and other Zombies in November got a bit mentally taxing, so I took a break to paint something a little different – some Zombie Survivors! In this case it was half of the cast from the Night of the Living Dead edition of Zombicide, which I backed on Kickstarter some time ago. We’ve played through the campaign twice (I think) now, and since all of the character skills are either the same or compatable with Zombicide 1st Edition (and probably Second Edition as well) I decided awhile back that I’d prep the figures to paint at some stage. That time came in late November, and they tuirned out to be a pleasure to paint – so the one quickly turned into five before the month ended. Nicely detailed models but without all the extra accoutrements that so many models seem to have.

Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game Miniatures - "Zombicide Mode" Survivors Pt.1 - Johnny, Harry, Ben, Judy & Karen

Since NotLD is a black and white film, the artists at CMoN filled in the palette of the characters’ clothing. They went for an overall shared palette of blues, beiges and pink/salmon across the ten survivors from the game and one small expansion box – so I basically just followed that. Judy’s got the whole double-denim thing going here, but it’s not her fault. Probably. I still hate painting OSL, so I did a simple job on Harry and his mason jar. Hopefully it looks decent while not being too garish or too subtle. I did enjoy the opportunity to practise my work on painting hair on these figures, and it’s something I’m still slowly improving on.

Anyway – this is the final individual post for November, so expect the belated Round-Up in a couple of days, then followed by the first of December’s models shortly afterwards (and yes – there are some Zombicide models in there!)

23 thoughts on “Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game – “Zombicide Mode” Survivors Pt.1 – Johnny, Harry, Ben, Judy & Karen

  1. These look fantastic mate, I think they must have used the colours from the Colour remake movie, as they look very similar to me. Excellent patterning on the little girls dress subtle, but when you spot it WOW !

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    • Ah, that makes sense. I haven’t seen the remake (yet?) but adding those to the coloured versions fo the original cast does make sense. The dress was one of those things where I didn’t really want to do it but just started working on and was an “I guess I’m doing this now” moment. 🙂

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  2. These are nice sculpts and while I haven’t seen this movie, I’m very impressed by your latest work! I think the colors CMON and you chose are perfect and help unite these miniatures together. As Dave said above, the dress is fantastic too and well worth the time you put into it!

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    • Thanks mate – I really enjoyed being able to just take my time and go with the flow on these models – the sculpts do deserve a lo tof the credit as they made the act of painting pretty relaxing and (mostly!) enjoyable. I’ve gotten the other half of the cast painted this month (or their “Zombicide mode” versions, anyway) – so they’ll be posted up pretty soon! 🙂

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      • Oh yea, I didn’t think it was a decal. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s texture or something that has been sculpted on a mini vs freehand though. I’m working on one right now that has a seamline that people could easily mistake as freehand.

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      • Ah! I see what you mean. It’d be a right nightmare if those dots were sculpted on – I can’t imagine trying to paint them in perfectly matching a sculpt! 😮


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