Marvel Crisis Protocol: Doctor Octopus – Rival Panels CPE01 Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus Version

Marvel Crisis Protocol: Doctor Octopus - Rival Panels CPE01 Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus VersionFollowing on from my last post featuring Doc Ock, we have.. Doc Ock? Yeah, it’s the second version of the character produced for Crisis Protocol, as part of the Rival Panels Box set, also featuring an alternate model for Spidey. Why a second model for Doctor Octopus? My guess is that it’s a combination of Spider-Man selling really well as a hero, so getting an expensive standalone version was high on their radar as he was already included in the core box (Wolverine is the second hero to get such treatment) and Doc Ock having a pretty static pose in the core box as well as an iconic Spidey Villain (as opposed to, say, Red Skull).

Marvel Crisis Protocol: Doctor Octopus - Rival Panels CPE01 Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus VersionI painted the two of them more or less in parallel, though the one I posted previously was indeed completed a couple of days before this one. Both were painted in the same manner, though – I used a Contrast green to base the suit, and then highlighted with several different Vallejo greens, blending yellow into the final highlights. I also added a touch of blue into the deeper shadows and on the lower part of the model.

Marvel Crisis Protocol: Doctor Octopus - Rival Panels CPE01 Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus VersionThe yellow on both models was also done using Contrast as a base. In this case, my favourite Ironjawz Yellow. I also shaded further on the lower part of the model using thinned Snakebite Leather Contrast and then later added some magenta to add some additional depth of colour – the blue added to the green and the magenta added to the yellow also work to add a bit more contrast to the two major colours of his outfit – and I do have to credit a Youtuber – Miniac – who I’m usually not a huge fan of – for that idea.

Marvel Crisis Protocol: Doctor Octopus - Rival Panels CPE01 Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus VersionThese tentacles were painted in the same way as the previous Doc Ock, but after that model was completed, so I was attempting to avoid the same issues happening again. So primed silver spray, finished and varnished the rest of the model,,and THEN Vallejo Metal Colour & Tamiya Panel Wash to fill in the lines once again. They turned out a lot better this time, but I still don’t feel like they turned out nearly as well as those first tentacles on the previous Doc Ock (so shiny, so chrome), but they’re good enough since I’m thoroughly sick of both Doctor Octopus and his tentacles at this point…

Marvel Crisis Protocol: Doctor Octopus - Rival Panels CPE01 Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus VersionOne thing I did pick up on at a later point was that the belt is often shown as being bare metal rather than yellow. I was left with the choice of repainting the belts on both models or deciding that paint exists and that an evil genius of Octavius’ calibre would both have access to it as well as the means to apply it in a suitability garish manner to match the rest of his unfortunate outfit…

Marvel Crisis Protocol: Doctor Octopus - Rival Panels CPE01 Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus Version

If Swordmaster is willing to count Doc Ock as a “Monster” for the purposes of Monster March, then this is my final entry for that challenge. As always I still have a bunch of minis that did not get completed in time, so we’ll see some of them in April and some for the Monster MayHem challenge, assuming it’s running again this year.

This just leaves one final model for the completion of my MCP Core set box. Spidey. Not sure if I’ll be able to get him done this weekend, but hopefully by next I’ll have completed it.

24 thoughts on “Marvel Crisis Protocol: Doctor Octopus – Rival Panels CPE01 Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus Version

  1. Oh, that’s a really nice dynamic pose! I’d probably only keep one, but hard to choose between them. The first one has that smug master villain pose, but the second one just looks cooler. Belt looks perfect to me as is and glad to hear that painting the tentacles went a bit better this go round!

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    • They’ll actually work okay in game terms. Since most of my MCP games will be here between Marouda (or guests) and myself, and you make a roster of 10 heroes-or-villains and then “pick a side” for the actual mission, it can work okay to have duplicates of the models or characters.
      You just can’t duplicate the same “person” twice, so Miles Morales and Peter Parker can be on the same team, or Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers – but your Steve Rogers CAN fight against a Steve Rogers of the other player (obviously some sort of evil clone or doppelganger!)

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  2. This sculpt is really cool and an improvement on the first one, I think. Its dynamic in the right way (for once with an MCP sculpt)! Its a little surprising that they made two sculpts for this character but I think they should do more of that in the future. You did a great job painting this up as always!

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    • I think it’s that combo of who do you put with Spidey and the original having that static pose.

      There’s a new (second) sculpt for MODOK now, as well as another version of Hulk coming, to go with two Iron Mans (three with Hulkbuster), two Widows, three Spideys, 3 Caps (2 of whom are Steve Rogers), Venom + Agent Venom, Frank Castle as Cosmic Ghost Rider coming (along with regular Punisher & GR), two Sabretooths (Sabreteeth?), Wolverine + Logan…

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    • Had to paint him in sections before assembly. The “figure” was painted with the aid of one of those holder-things with a clamp on his lower leg. Base painted next, then tentacles sprayed, basic assembly of lower legs, then finished the foot. Painted the two upper tentacles separately, then glued it all together, sprayed, then did the metals on the tentacles & did the power orb glowy things.
      Or perhaps notsomuch…

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  3. I like both sculpts of Doc Oc. This one’s dynamic and portrays a great sense of movement, but I also like the other, arms folded and smug looking.
    Contrast seems to becoming a staple across many painters, using it as a base and highlighting up, and it looks real good. I’ve started applying one contrast over another with some interesting results – they’re turning out to be quite a versatile tool!

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    • Yeah, I’ve been using it in some form on most models since it came out. I might use it like a wash, or a glaze over a painted area, or as a base, or blend it using medium with another contrast, or add layers of it over each other, or….

      I don’t get the “I hate contrast” crowd really.

      I mean, I’m not a massive fan of how it usually looks when just dumped over a primed model because it certainly does have a certain “watercolour/pastel” look that I’m noit keen on for my own figures – but even then, that’s surely better than a person not having a painted model at all – and as far as having an additonal tool in my own toolkit, I’d never go back.

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  4. Terrific painting. I love this sculpt of Doctor Octopus so much more than the boring one from the core set.

    He’s a bit of an oddity in MCP in that this is just an alternative sculpt, as opposed to the Rival Panels version of Wolverine who has a different (and considerably more effective) set of rules to go with him.

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    • Thank you! It might be a thing moving forward from the release of this set for the alternate sculpts having different profiles? Did this set come out before the alternate Black Widow with Hawkeye?


      • Hmm, that’s a good point. This box and the Weapon X one are branded slightly differently as ‘rival panels’ so I suppose I thought that this would be a series of alternative sculpts without new rules. Black Widow (and a few others like Dr Strange) did of course get new rules associated with them in the same way as Warmachine had different iterations of their characters to represent them at different points in their lives.

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      • Yeah, I actually/initially thought that they were all alternate sculpts with alternate rules, pretty much similar to the alt Widow or Strange models but with some diorama scenery and a higher price tag because double (or triple) dipping on popular characters is a good way to make more moneys.


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