Painting December: Base-ic Choices (Part 1?)

See what I did there?

With the Talos down, I’ve been doing a bit of work on the Marauder Giant today. My order of bases came in as well from Firestorm, so it’s time to work out how to base Be’lakor. A couple of things first – I don’t much care about having a square base for this guy. If/when I use him in KoW or any game that requires Square bases, I own spare bases and blu-tac, so that’s sorted. His “official” base is 50mm, and so while I do lean slightly that way, again, I’m going for aesthetics over slavishly following GW’s official basing scheme.

I’ve included the 40mm shots just for completeness, since he doesn’t actually look that bad on them, though quite cramped. I’m also considering using lipped/WarmaHordes style bases, since they look quite nice, and are especially display-friendly. I’m not going to beat myself up about not all of my bases being 100% consistent. I’ve got hundreds of painted models, after all.

Oh yeah, Be’lakor is still very WIP at this stage..

40mm Round

40mm Lipped

50mm Round

50mm Lipped

60mm Round

I’m not sure if I own any 60mm lipped rounds, but if I decide to go for the 60mm size, I’ll definitely tear this place apart looking for them. Really though, I think the 50mm bases are the top contenders for me, as it’s a nice balance between size and Be’lakor filling it out. Still, the 60mm shot was taken for a lark and he does look much better on it than I’d expected.


Depending on how the weather is and how the weekend goes, I might have a similar quest for the Marauder Giant, and I’m currently struggling to work out how to paint his clothing, so I’ll probably ask about that as well in the next day or so.