Dreadtober 2020: Celestial Lions Dreadnought

Dreadtober is an annual painting challenge that runs every October. Much like Zomtober, I’d been looking forward to it and using it for motivation to get some stuff done.

Celestial Lions Space Marine Castaferrum Dreadnought

Also much like Zomtober, (and Orktober!) I forgot about it this year because of the rolling shitshow dumpster fire that 2020 has been until the last minute, so I didn’t sign up over on their main page. In fact, I had only a few days to try to complete something – so I chose one of the Dreadnoughts I had planned to paint for this challenge in 2019. And it was still in the exact same condition as the photo, too!

Yeah. Basically that’s it. Sprayed gold, nothing on the base, a touch of steel and blue on the arms. So it was time to kick things into gear.

Celestial Lions Space Marine Castaferrum Dreadnought

Luckily these old-school Casteferrum Space Marine Dreadnoughts are pretty simple to paint, really – and these AOBR models are even simpler, as they omit and condense some of the extra details found on the various multipart kits. I did need ot finally pull my finger out and make some Celestial Lions decals along with some others I’ve been needing for other projects, which took a good part of an evening.

Celestial Lions Space Marine Castaferrum Dreadnought

Generally speaking, I kept the paint pretty simple. As well as the orangey-gold I use for the Lions and the steel, there are some coppers and a bit of discolouration on some of the elements. A Black Templars decal respects the previous custodians of the Ancient’s suit.

Celestial Lions Space Marine Castaferrum Dreadnought

The model was still a little plain, so I also added some heat discolouration to the Assault Cannon barrels. That arm of course is from the Ancient Dreadnought kit. Since I try to avoid gluing Dreadnought arms on if poissible and this one isn’t a great fit, there’s a blob of blu-tac in there as well!

Celestial Lions Space Marine Castaferrum Dreadnought

Since the Celestial Lions Chapter has a pseudo-African heritage, I also did some freehand on the right greave, and gave the Ancient an African name (from someone I know IRL). Also a nice shot alongside a Primaris Lieutenant and a flame trooper.

And that’s it!

Painting Decemb-uary 2017-18: Part 6 – The Final Round-Up!

So here we are. Wrapping up the second time this challenge has been a thing, and the first time I’ve invited others to participate if they so wish. There was triumph, tragedy, we laughed, we cried, there were tears, and fears. And possibly someone listened to Tears for Fears at some point. I’d hoped to complete the 1996 Great Unclean One as well as one (or two) Forge World Nurgle Daemon Princes, and maybe a Herald of Nurgle, maybe the Original Great Unclean One, and possibly even finish Be’lakor and the Marauder Giant that still languish on my desk and shelf, unfinished from the previous Painting December of 2015. HA!

I did get the ’96 GUO finished, and Mamon, Daemon Prince and the Original GUO are both close enough that they will be complete very shortly. Probably later today for the original GUO, in fact – and hopefully by tomorrow night for Mamon. (I’m typing this on Saturday.)

Wudugast from Convert or Die completed his Skaven Screaming Bell.


The 28th Scribe completed Grymdraig from Mierce Miniatures. A nice subtle use of brass and verdigris on the torso add interest and detail to the completed model.


Alex from Leadbaloony converted and painted a personalised version of Arkhan the Black, using a combination of Grenadier’s old-school Death Dragon, and old Citadel Skeleton Cavalry model, and a few spectral undead models for the basing.


Dave Kay from Scent of a Gamer completed Goremaw, a huge model from Reaper’s Bones line. I’ve been working on getting my own Goremaw assembled after seeing his completed one!


Archer from Dakka completed his Necron Monolith.  He’s gone for a sandstone-and-metal look which has come up really very nicely. More photos are buried at the bottom of his gigantic post.


TinPot Revolutionary completed Venerable-Brother Dracorus of the Iron Eagles Space Marine Chapter.  Sharp, neat highlights combined with a muted, military colour scheme makes the extra details really pop.


Joshinjapan from Dakka completed what I last time called an inspirational job on Great Cthulhu from Reaper Bones. Somuch so, that I’ve been looking for the same paints that he used locally (with little luck, so far).


Zergsmasher, also from Dakka, smashed out a great Mortarion. All those fiddly details!


Last finished model to show, but very much not least is Imperial Rebel Ork’s fantastic Ogre/Ogor Mournfang Stonehorn and rider.


There were a few non-completions – both shared online and not, but hopefully those figures will now be well on their way to being done. And there’s no reason they can’t be used as content for any future painting challenges, either here or elsewhere if it comes to it. Anything that helps motivate us to get more stuff done is a good thing, after all.


Ian Sturrock is close to completion on his Bones Frost Giants. Having been interrupted by a house move, he just needs to find everything (because packing) to drive them to final completion.


Ann from Ann’s Imperium‘s work on Foetid Bloat-Drone “Becky the Bloater” appears to have stalled out at the end of January. I’ve heard that Becky might make a reappearance as part of Leadballoony Alex’s Fembruary Challenge.


Thomas of High Times on the Eastern Fringe was working on a Khorne Lord of Skulls. He appears to have been distracted by the schemes of Tzeentch, however. Hopefully one day Khorne’s big mechanical champion shall arise!