Men In Black – Warzone “Corporation” Miniatures.

Mark Copplestone’s Warzone Figures.

So I finally got some small amount of painting done. I picked a couple of old figures that had been half- finished in a figure case for.. a decade? These three fine individuals are Warzone figures. And old miniatures game based on the Mutant Chronicles universe. They’re from the Corporation, and sculpted by Mark Copplestone. We actually had a really good Warzone campaign going at our Friday night FLGS hangout back then, right up until Target Games pushed out Warzone 2nd Edition, and things just fell apart. Good times…

My guys at the time were a Cybertronic force, but instead of painting them grey, I painted them based off of the WCW “nWo” (New World Order) wrestling faction. They were Tres’ cool back then with their black outfits and stylish T-shirt logo. I naturally painted my few Corp guys to match.

And the same. From the back.


The photos aren’t especially brilliant (the shading on their clothing is both more noticable and more subtle in hand) and they haven’t yet been varnished, (hence the shiny ponytail). I’m in two minds as to whether or not I should add the typical “GW style” highlight/shade/light point to the sunglasses, or simply go over them with gloss once the figures are sealed. Actually, I’ll need to do that to the torch on Ponyboy’s pistol.

I’m overall happy with the simple act of getting them finished, though my fav of the three is the Maori-tattooed bouncer. I swapped the front of his Ghenna Puker (aka Warzone’s crap-looking flamethrower) with the main section of a GW Heavy flame, probably off a Chimera or Russ kit. Makes the weapon a bit bigger and a lot nastier looking.

Bases are kept plain and pretty generic so they fit in with as many different settings as possible. I generally don’t go for overly-specific bases, though I have warmed to them in some cases these days.

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