Honoured Imperium

Space Marine Statue from the Honoured Imperium set. Using Vallejo Game Colour Verdigris.

After asking some guys on Dakka for assistance with putting some 600-pt 40k lists together, CrazyTerran proposed a 750-pt list that had two squads of Tac marines armed with Missile Launchers and Plasma Guns. With this in mind, I started trying to update my unfinished 3rd Edition 40k army from 1998-1999 by bumping my three 7-man squads to 10-man squads – particularly since one of the squads already had a Plasma & Missile combo, and the other two already had Plasma Guns.

Ruined Aquila sets from the Honoured Imperium set. Painted as mid-stone.

While I was looking for bits to build the extra troopers (and a replacement Sergeant for one of the squads) I came across the Honoured Imperium scenery bits I’d picked up about 2 years ago in a box of plastic stuff. Since we’re in the new place now and I can actually do shit, I decided that they looked simple enough to paint, and had potential to look pretty good while also being quick and easy. Despite being distracted by “ooh, shiny”, I managed to get both Aquilas painted in a day, and have been mucking around with the statue for three days doing verdigris in several different ways. I’m going to call it done later today, but I’m still not what I’d call happy with it. I might do something different with the other one, I’m not sure. I didn’t notice the little skulls until later on, so I had to go back and paint them. Just enough to show up, they’re not Undead army character models, after all. I may turn the skull on the second statue into a rock instead.

But anyway, scenery counts as painted models, right?

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