Kromlech: Orc Juggernaut Mecha-Armour Squad – Polish Resin #4

A few weeks ago I saw some previews of some new items from Kromlech, a polish outfit who do resin conversion parts that happen to fit popular heroic 32mm Orcs and Armoured Space Warriors. I’ve gotten stuff from them on occaision, but when I saw these, I knew I had to order them right away, as I knew they would fit outstandingly into my Ork army. No pics of the painted elements of that army unfortunately, as they got attacked by a dragon from the warp a couple of years ago (or possibly a cat) and there was critical falling damage and then some foot-crushing damage when I next entered that particular room. Then I had to move. Twice. So they’re still “in the shop” until I get properly set up here.

Anyway, when I saw these, I had to own them. So I made that happen. By sending them money.

The casts, as you can see are absolutely brilliant. No flash. No bubbles. Every bit of detail is crisp and visible. The resin is not the type that makes you itchy. They’re literally a pleasure to look at and handle. I haven’t been this impressed by a new figure in quite some time. Why? The details and the casting. You can really tell the thought and care that went into these models by looking at all of the little things.  The scavenged weapons bolted onto the arms are filled with detail, right down to the wires and tiny hydraulics that are jury-rigged up to pull their triggers.

The set also comes with 5 heads so you’ve got a fair bit of choice for the three, or if you purchase more for a bigger unit, it’s that much easier to individualise them. I also got a set of their Orc Gas Mask heads that I may or may not use on these – or perhaps on some infantry.

They’re also huge. Stacking up as bigger than Ghazkull in mega-armour and pretty solidly to Killer Kans. Regular Mega-Armoured Nobs won’t stand a chance. So they’re also completely suitable for use as a Warboss. I also included a Terminator and a power-armoured marine, who both just look weedy in comparison.

Enough talk. Time for the pictures – they’re all clickable for larger versions:

Orky Size Comparison. Note the Kromlech Base is slightly shorter than the GW ones.

Size – Compared to Marines.

Overall Size Comparisons

Armoured heads on top. Gas Mask heads below (purchased seperately).

Torso Left

Torso Front.

Torso Right

Legs Front.

Legs Rear.

Right Arm Outer.

Right Arm Inner.

Left Arm Outer.

Left Arm Innner.

So basically, I was impressed by how they looked online, and having them in hand, I’m even more impressed, and a little surprised at how good they are (a lot of the little details just aren’t visible in the preview photos I saw) and how well they’re cast. I should point out that I’ve got no affiliation with Kromlech and I bought these for full price from their eBay store.

If you’re interested in checking out more by Kromlech, look up the Kromlech.EU Facebook Page or these figures can be bought directly from the Kromlech eBay Store.

Basically, if you play Orks in Warhammer 40k, are looking for an impressive and imposing model for your games of Deathwatch or Rogue Trader RPG, or just want a big cool model to paint up, I can easily give these my highest recommendation.

8 thoughts on “Kromlech: Orc Juggernaut Mecha-Armour Squad – Polish Resin #4

    • There’s so much detail – and a clear love for what the sculptor was doing that I think they’d work even for a non-wargamer simply as a display model. I know you’ve got a lot of Bones and Reaper metals on the way, but if you ever feel like painting something (quite) a bit different to the rest of your collection, I can recommend these as a solid choice.


  1. Bloody nice models! especially that red terminator! 🙂 he looks……familiar! but I digress, those Orks are simply enticing, even to me who’s a non Ork player! they make me want to buy and paint them just for the pure joy of it, looking forward to you getting some paint on them when you have no ‘dragon’ issues?


    • Thanks mate – they really are as good as they look. Figures like that work as nice “excuses” to build those 600-pt combat patrols with different themes. I just need to actually, you know. Finish one (to the current rules, anyway).


    • Hey sorry for the late reply – I thought I replied to this! The 40mm bases are the same width, just flatter. I’ve seen them around from a few places in the last few years, possibly even from GW kits, come to think of it.


  2. I want these so much! I have an Ork army, most of them put together but mostly unpainted. I am more of a collector than a player though. Fell in love with the badass Ork designs the first time I laid my eyes on them. Nice to find someone here with a similar interest! Will be plowing through the rest of your entries soon! Thanks for the follow back by the way. 😉


  3. I’m much the same these days, more a collector and (slow) painter than a player for the most part. I haven’t had a chance to do anything with them yet, but they are truly beautiful models and worth picking up if you like Orks. And welcome, you’ve got some excellent work on your blog!


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